Does this shop support the re-generation of King’s Cross?

Sorriso1 Local residents MUST have some voice in the stores that open in their neighbourhood.  In most situations they do by either supporting them, or shunning them.  Life around King’s Cross Station however, becomes a bit more complicated as in some situations those who support a particular shop, may be transient to the neighbourhood and thus not care about the overall implications of a shop’s presence.  The shop at 2 York Way illustrates the dilemma for local residents.

The following has been submitted by one of our local residents:

To re-cap: The unit at 2 York Way is trading as a take-away although it does *not* have take-away usage. We have also witnessed after 23:00 trading which is not permitted. We believe the signage installed is inappropriate for a regeneration and conservation area and although we have ensured the light box sign remains switched off, it is still in place.

Ultimately, this should be the responsibility of La Salle who own Regent Quarter ie: to ensure the tenant mix reflects a high quality development.

In the meantime, the case officer who is handing the planning application to ‘regularise’ the unit as take-away is

Refusal of planning permission to a take-away is a possibility providing respondents to the Council’s formal consultation make their objections.

If you feel the last thing we need is another late night take-away then please mail your concerns to David.

My concern will be: The improvement of the immediate area is vital to change perceptions and continue to attract investment. Adding a take-away food unit next to another take-away (McDonalds) and a sex shop is not a good planning mix. (The McDonalds, a kebab shop and sex shop are the first things visitors to Islington see ad they exit King’s Cross).

Sean M.
Regent’s Quarter Resident

As another local resident and campaigner for the further regeneration I agree with Sean’s assessment.  I believe that local residents MUST make their views known to the Council’s Planning Committee who will eventually have to decide whether this Change of Use is suitable.

The specific change of use they are requesting is as follows according to their application:

Change of use to hot food take-away (A5) use class installation of new shopfront and extract ducting. This application may affect the character and appearance of the conservation area. Town and Country Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 (as amended); Section 73.

I feel that we already have sufficient fast-food establsihments in the area.  But there is more to be concerned about.  This place seems to be for sale.  So do they really need this to maintain their business or are they just looking to speculate and sell on!


So if you wish to have your say please send an email to the Planning Officer prior to 3 June when the Consultation Period ends.  Reference Planning Application P100224.  In you email please consider the following:

a) Illuminated signs are not in keeping with the character of the building or the adjoining frontages on York Way and will have an adverse impact on the adjacent conservation area.

b) Any changes in Class of Usage, (to takeaway hot foods) will result in high incidence of litter, detritus and encourage people to eat foods in open space, outside doorways of residential accommodation on York Way thereby reducing the amenity of local residents; and will diminish the quality of public realm on York Way and by creating a poor quality of environment adjacent to the Regent’s Quarter and in the vicinity of Kings Cross station and the proposed station square.

c) The proposed hours of operation will cause disturbance late at night to nearby residential neighbours from arrival and departure of customers.

d) Inadequate venting of food cooking, particularly fried and grilled meats will cause nuisance and loss of amenity.

If you wish to comment to this Planning Application using the Council’s online facility, just go to this link: click here.  Please note if you simply wish to comment about this posting use the link below entitiled Comments.

I hop you will comment to the Council as without the support of local residents, nothing will improve in our neighbourhood.

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