Dispersal Zone introduced in Edward Square

Untitled In response to concern from the local community about large groups of young people congregating, causing criminal damage and being threatening to passers-by, Islington Anti Social Behaviour Team have introduced a three-month dispersal zone in Edward Square, N1 and  surrounding area including the south part of Caledonian Road.

A Dispersal Order gives police the power to move on groups of two or more youths in an area, who are involved in or are likely to become involved in crime or anti-social behaviour. Those who fail to comply with a police request to move on, in the area known as a dispersal zone, can be arrested.

The Dispersal zone will start on Monday, 17 May 2010 and will remain in place until 17 August 2010. Barnsbury and Caledonian Safer Neighbourhoods Teams, the South Islington Problem Solving Team and the Safer Neighbourhoods Taskforce will be enforcing the order with increased patrols in the evenings.

To provide long-term solutions to this issue, Islington Council including Young Peoples Service will be working together to provide outreach support and landscape changes in order to engage the young people.

Graham Burke, Islington Anti Social Behaviour Team said:” The dispersal zone is aimed at breaking up large groups of young people who seem intent on causing trouble. This will not only protect local residents and traders from the noise, nuisance and threatening behaviour they have been suffering but will allow police to deal with individuals more effectively"

The Community Bulletin Board would like to hear your views on this matter – especially from local residents in the affected areas.  Please post your comments…

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4 Responses to Dispersal Zone introduced in Edward Square

  1. Dan Stone says:

    I think it is valuable and important for the police to have the authority they need to ensure that our public places remain hospitable to all of us, and I support the efforts to ensure that Edward Square does not become too dangerous for most of us to use.

    At the same time I’m bothered by the wording of the dispersal area rule as paraphrased here (and I have been unable to find a more authoritative text). The references to groups, anti-social behaviour, and likeliness to become involved are too vague to be meaningful, and the reference to crime is superfluous. So I think the rule effectively says:

    If there are two or more people under 18 in a dispersal area the police can, at their discretion, tell them to leave and arrest them if they don’t.

    Under the theory that the police are exercising the parents’ authority in the absence of the parents, I am ok with this but I think the rule should be restated along these lines and should have an additional clause stipulating that it does not apply to a minor whose parent is present.

  2. Paul Convery says:

    Caledonian and Barnsbury Councillors have strongly supported this dispersal zone. There is an emerging gang problem around Edwards Square which has to be sorted very quickly. There’s more at: http://wp.me/pNrvq-ay

    To reassure Dan Stone, the terms of the order say that a curfew power (9pm-6am) can be imposed on under-16s who are not under supervision of an adult. Full text of the order is attached to the posting at http://wp.me/pNrvq-ay

  3. Dan Stone says:

    Thanks Paul.

  4. bill allen says:

    i lived in edward square when i was aged between 3-6years of age it was a lovely place with a strong community and lots of spirit also street parties,what a difference to todays times, we used to hang about in what you would call gangs but we were not intimidating to the public we were just a load of mates hanging out together,i think society has to look at all the violence being fed to really young children,as in video games most of which use gratuitus violence also home life has changed out of all proportion from when i was a kid,discipline and respect comes from what your parents instill in you from an early age,i’ve heard kids on telly talk about people not respecting them what have they done to earn respect beaten up some old pensioner for kicks,i could go on forever but all i can say is we are living in sad times and this so called pc way of life is killing our country,folks it ai’nt gonna get better any time soon,bill allen 64 yrs young

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