Jim Geddes Collection – weekly auction

Two new pieces are now available for auction on ebay from Jim's Collection

Jim Geddes, local King's Cross resident who died in 2009, left an extraordinary body of sculpture, ceramics, paintings, drawings and textiles in the house he lived in for some 30 years – 24 Caledonian Road.  The work was all collected by local resident Bob Stuckey and now will be sold to Jim's fans and friends via auction on ebay every 7 days with bidding starting at £7 per piece and ending around 7pm on Sunday. 

Both works are on display in the window at 24 Caledonian Road beside Peter and Tony's Barbershop. This week's pieces are as follows:

Schizoid Being 1 (drawing)  Melting Female Figure  (sculpture)  By clicking the link above you will go right to the auction page on eBay.

Schizoidbeing1      Meltingfemalefigure

For more about Jim's work please go to www.atelier-geddes.org.

If you would like to keep abreast of future auctions, please contact local resident Bob Stuckey who will add you to his mailing list.

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