Improvements to York Way

Station_entrance The local community has been waiting for the announcement of the proposed improvements to York Way in response to last year's closure of the rear entrance to King's Cross Station at Wharfale Road.

Here is the latest bit of info from local resident Sean Murry who has been on Network Rails' case…

I have been chasing Network Rail fot an update on the improvements to York Way. I eventually got a contact who will be involved in the consultation process.

I think this is a few steps forward from what we knew but well short of getting any time-lines attatched. Projects without times-lines concern me! It would be good to invite responses on how we can encourage those delivering this project to commit to a timescale.

From Camden:   

We are currently working with Islington Council and TfL to develop proposals to improve the southern end of York Way , which includes both the eastern and western sides of York Way . There is developer funding from Network Rail to improve York Way south of Wharfdale Road . These environmental improvements may include: widened and better paved footways; better street lighting; enhanced crossing points at the Wharfdale Road and Pentonville Road junctions, and minor changes to the location of bus stops and stands. Consultation on this is expected to commence in the summer.

If anyone has any more info, please add to the Comments section below.

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