A bad sign – kebab shop 95 Caledonian Road

L1040337You might think that the area doesn't need another kebab shop but sadly the old Sunrise Cafe at 95 Caledonian Road is turninginto Sky Fried Chicken and Kebab.  (Declaration – i own a property a few doors away from here.) It isn't clear whether the new owners need planning permission for a change of use from a cafe to a takeaway restaurant. 

Whatever the use class issue, the shop sign is wrong for a conservation area.  95 Cally Road is at the end of a relatively intact C19th terrace that remains as laid out when the Cally Road was driven North in the 1820s.  The cheap and nasty signs are out of keeping.  Cllr Convery is on the case with planning officers.

This site cafe was the scene of a nasty accident in 2006 when a large lorry embedded itself in the shop front – mercifully no one was hurt.  You can see a remarkable picture on the Gazette site.

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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6 Responses to A bad sign – kebab shop 95 Caledonian Road

  1. Andrew says:

    The council has a “Shopfront Design Guide” (http://www.islington.gov.uk/environment/planning/planninginisl/plan_conserve/documents_and_guidance/shopfront_design_guide.asp“) which seems to give sensible advice on the design of shop fronts.

    It includes the following….
    You need planning permission for any alterations or changes that materially affect the appearance of your shopfront. Most alterations to a shopfront require planning permission, for example you will need consent for:
    • Replacing the whole shopfront or frame
    • New fascia
    • Illuminated sign
    • External security shutter and grilles
    • Removing the stallriser
    • New door
    • Awnings and Canopies

    It also goes on to say….
    “The use of large areas of acrylic or other shiny materials in fascias should be avoided.” and “Box Fascias, usually of plastic and/or metal, often project out of the existing fascia panel, and are too large and bulky and unsympathetic to the style of most buildings. They should generally be avoided.”

  2. Ian says:

    As this is a conservation area, I am very surprised if this is ok. I presume the owners just did it, without knowing about any restrictions. It is a real eyesore, completely out of keeping with the rest of the terrace.

  3. TONY REES says:

    Hi Will

    I contacted planning enforcement as soon as this thing went up and they have opened a case file. Not only have they put up an ugly sign but they have also removed the timber window and door and replaced them with the cheapest nastiest aluminium. None of this should have been done without planning permission so hopefully once an enforcement notice has been served we can expect an appropriate shopfront and sign to appear in the fullness of time.


  4. Sarah Ward says:

    I’m sorry to see the old cafe replaced by yet another kebab shop. How can one area have so many?? I live very close to this shop and the bottom of Caledonian Rd is crying out for shops more useful to residents.

  5. Andrew says:

    Tony – do you have a case file number and contact?

    Also – anyone know what is happening with the kebab shop at the south end of York Way?

  6. Tony Rees says:

    Hi Andrew

    Sorry for the delay, I got an acknowledging letter from Andrew Marx at LBI with Ref. E10/04819. Hope this helps.


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