Robbery on Regent’s Canal: 18 Year Old Girl Sentenced

This is a recent release from the Met.  It concerns something that happened in our area and shows local residents the outcome of the police and courts actions.  For some time I have asked the police to report on the outcomes of trials when criminals are arrested, so it would be my intention to continue to carry these reports.  However I would like to gauge public opinion – do you want to know about these matters?  Please send me your comment.  Meanwhile here is the story…

Takab On Tuesday 23 March 2010, an 18 year old girl from Islington was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment for a knifepoint robbery on the Regent’s Canal towpath. During the robbery, Natsena Quatome–Takab (born 1.8.91 – aged 18) from the Packington Estate, Islington, egged on her male accomplice shouting “stab him, stab him”.

She was also sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for possession of a knife – even though she was not holding the weapon. She pleaded guilty to both offences on 23 March at Blackfriars Crown Court. The sentences will run concurrently.

On 17 November 2009, a 28 year old local man was walking along Danbury Street, N1, where it meets the Regent’s Canal towpath, when he saw Quatome–Takab and an unidentified male youth.

The victim was approached by the pair and threatened by the male youth who was holding a three-inch bladed knife. The pair demanded he hand over his wallet and mobile phone. Quatome–Takab shouted “stab him, stab him” as the male youth moved the knife closer to the victim. Fearing that he was going to be stabbed, the victim ran away to a place of safety.

A Nokia mobile phone worth £130 was stolen from the victim.

The robbers were captured by CCTV cameras walking down the canal but they could only be seen from behind. Quatome–Takab was arrested a few days later by officers who recognised her from her description.

She was interviewed at Islington police station where she confirmed that she was the person caught on CCTV before fully owning up to the offence. She refused to divulge who her accomplice was.

On 30 November 2009 she was charged with robbery and possession of an offensive weapon.

The robbery was investigated by DC Kevin Johansen from Islington’s Robbery Squad: “The structured interview technique we used was vital in securing this conviction, as there was no other evidence. Once she owned up to the fact that it was her on the CCTV, it was all downhill for Natsena.

“Towards the end of 2009 and start of 2010, there was a spate of robberies in the Regent’s Canal area, which thankfully now seem to have stopped. I would like to warn Natsena’s associates that if you commit knife point robbery, you can expect to receive a long prison sentence if you are caught.”

Upon sentencing Judge Hillen said he would have given Quatome–Takab the maximum sentence had she been the one holding the knife.

He also recommended that she be deported. NON-ATTRIBUTABLE: She was born in the UK but both her parents are from Somalia.

Rebecca May | Media & Communications Manager
Islington Borough (NI)
MetPhone: 20371 | Telephone: 020 7421 0371 | Mobile: 07525 410 821
Address: Room 2.50, Islington Police Station, 2 Tolpuddle Street, London N1 0YY

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3 Responses to Robbery on Regent’s Canal: 18 Year Old Girl Sentenced

  1. Joe fd says:

    A very serious crime and of course good that it has been brought to justice. It is important to feed this back to local residents as there is still a perception that the system is too “soft”. In this case the sentence is very harsh and you wonder what kind of young woman will come out at the end. What is not reported is anything about her background and circumstances. Also how can you deport someone who was born here?

  2. isabelle says:

    yes thank you stephan i am interested in reading more of these police/court reports, in order to understand our dearest area better.

  3. Diana Shelley says:

    Like Joe, I was puzzled by the remark that this young woman was to be deported to somewhere she wasn’t born. The information about the woman’s parentage appears to come from the police, so I was also puzzled by it being marked ‘Non attributable’. What does this mean—it’s gossip? hearsay? Or was this information given in open court, which is the only proper way to report it? That just leaves the question why where your parents were born is relevant to criminal proceedings.

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