Controling Anti-Socal Behavior Associated With Liquor

The leaflet shown below was provided by Stephanie Garner-Winship, the MAGPI West Neighbourhood Officer for the Islington Anti Social Behaviour Team – Community Safety Partnerships Unit at Islington Council, Tel: 020 7527 4200.

The leaflet provides information on a new method being tried to better control anti-social behaviour stemming from alcohol.  Although the whole area designated goes well beyond our immediate area, I thought it important for all to see what is being proposed and because some of our local area is included.



 As this document was originally a leaflet that was distributed to local resident, you cannot comment as outlined below.  However you can comment by simply sending an email to before 16 April.  Be sure to include your address so they can count you as a local resident.



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1 Response to Controling Anti-Socal Behavior Associated With Liquor

  1. Paul Convery says:

    Sean Murray alerted me to the incorrect email address on the Council’s leaflet and their own website. It is not but (upper and lower case incidentally don’t make any difference). I was rather startled to discover that, until this morning, the Council’s officer looking after this consultation was unaware of the mistake. I’ve also written-up some more background about the consultation at:

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