Safer Neighbourhoods Panel Meeting Moves to King’s Place – Next Meeting 18 March

6a00d8345162e169e20128772f9fd8970c-200wi With the closing of the Blessed Sacrament Church's Community Hall, the Calenonian Ward's Safer Neighbourhood's Panel will be moving to a new venue at King's Place.

This ongoing panel attended by local residents and chaired by our Councilor Paul Convery, meets with members of our Safer Neighbourhood's Policing/Community Support Team to discuss local activities and set local policing priorities for the Ward.

The next meeting will be taking place on 18 March in the Wenlock Room on the lower level of King's Place, the large glass builing located at the intersection of Goods Way and York Way.

The new meeting room has been donated by King's Place as part of their ongoing efforts to build stronger ties with the local community.  For those of you who have never visited the building this is a great opportunity to take a look inside and attend an important local meeting.  Download map and directions – Download Map

For more information about what takes place at these meeting you can download the Minutes of the last meeting – Download SNP Minutes of 26 Nov meeting


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