Caledonian Ward Safer Neighbourhood’s Policing Panel – Upcoming Meeting

Untitled-2 Local crime is one of the most discussed issues facing the local community.  So, if you have something to say on this matter, the local Safer Neighbourhood's Team are the folks that should hear about it and the Safer Neighbourhood's Panel is the meeting you want to attend to express your concerns.  Approximately every eight weeks, the Panel meets with members of the local community to discuss priorities for the Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team to target.

Members of the Team are present and the Panel is chaired by our own Councillor, Paul Convery.  Attendence is made up of those local residents who have had or see potential problems in their local areas as well as residents who attend on a regular basis to hear what the Team is doing to make our area safer.

If you've been frustrated when trying to deal with the Met, this is a good way to meet your local police – the police on our beat, rather then speaking to someone in a call centre in the Midlands.  The Team needs local feedback to focus action on where WE feel it's needed, so this is a real way to get involved in making our neighbourhood safer.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, 28 Jan at 7:00 to 8:30 PM at:

The Cally Resource Centre (note this is a new venue)
140 Copenhagen Street
London N1 0ST
See map 

Your attendence is encouraged.  And, if you wish to be added to the mailing list for future meetings, please send an email to the Panel's Secretary.

For forward planning, please know that future meetings will be held on: 18 Mar, 27 May, 22 Jul, 9 Sep, and 11 Nov.

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