Super station plans afoot to join Euston, St Pancras & King’s Cross…

Published: 1:41PM GMT 30 Dec 2009

"It will be capable of handling 18 trains an hour – some of which could be double decker – into London, carrying about 20,000 passengers.

"Detailed plans for the station are contained in a report submitted to Lord Adonis, the Transport Secretary, by Sir David Rowlands, chairman of High Speed Two, the company set up to provide detailed plans for the network.
"The favoured option is understood to entail expanding Euston station, which is already due for substantial redevelopment, to the west.

But Network Rail is pushing for a "station city" – which would involve building a new terminus linking Euston, King's Cross and St Pancras."

Given Lord Adonis and Network Rail's appalling track record of managing major redevelopment programmes we dread to think what will happen next. It makes complete sense to integrate the three neighbouring stations each serving their respective geographical areas north, south and internationally. 

What will not make sense is if all the local communities whose daily lives will change radically during construction and as a result of it are once again sidelined. Network Rail lied to the King's Cross community when they committed to meeting every quarter to discuss progress over the station and then failed to do so. UInless there is real transparency and accountability guaranteed by active independent oversight, communities in North London and for hundreds of miles around will once again be victims of fait accomplis by Network Rail and their friends in Government.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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3 Responses to Super station plans afoot to join Euston, St Pancras & King’s Cross…

  1. Stuart Watson says:

    How can they link the stations. The British Library is in the way?

  2. william perrin says:

    yes, the BL is both under and over ground – the stacks go down some way i think.

    one obvious thing to do woudl be to compulsorily purchase the site behind the BL and stop that becoming an animal disease research facility. it seems clear that they are having trouble the the plans for that anyway – no sign of any meaningful activity

  3. Andy Elvers says:

    I think the idea is to link them with a travelator in a tunnel as per an airport. I’m sure they could fit this in somewhere.

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