Bad parking by Vaultex in Kings Cross

Oct 2009 signage 004Parking is always tricky in Kings Cross and people who live in the area often have to come up with imaginative solutions. Most people who work here use the excellent public transport.

The large Vaultex cash handling facility on the Caledonian Road has its own substantial yard where the armoured cars come and go.  And there is no excuse for allowing its staff to park like this, even if it is within the company curtilage. 

But this isn't the first time that Vaultex has irritated residents.  At the end of last year, Lisa Tang noticed that several big stainless steel planters had appeared on the pavement.  We learned in the comments on that post from Cllr Convery that the Bank of England had designated the cash handling centre as some sort of security priority and the planters were in fact anti vehicle devices.  No one in the area had been told they were living next door to kind of target.

This is a profitable business in a trade that, these days is a bit inconguous in Kings Cross – it would be nice to see Vaultex making some sort of community contribution – perhaps to local environmental initiatives or local childrens charities like CYP and Sparkplug.  Maybe they do, but just keep it quiet.

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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8 Responses to Bad parking by Vaultex in Kings Cross

  1. Paul Convery says:

    The cars may well be parked on private land but the vehicles have to mount the pavement to get on to it. In most cases, that’s an offence. I am going to have a look later today and see if there’s a dropped-kerb, ramp or identified cross-over anywhere. That’s the only basis on which cars are entitled to drive from the public highway across the pavement onto private land (e.g. like the traditional semi or detached house with its garage and driveway across a pavement to the road). If there’s no evidence of this on Killick Street (and I’m absolutely certain there isn’t on the Caledonian Road side of these premises) then there are no established rights to cross the pavement and these Vaultex employees are infringing the Highways Acts. However, the world is full of people indulging in minor technical infringements of the law and it requires a bit of effort exerted by the local authority to do something about it. I shall endeavour to do that.

  2. Want to stop bad parkers once and for all? Deal with them the Digbeth way:

  3. I doubt Vaultex would be interested in assisting the community – they’ve consistently been downright rude when responding to any advances I’ve made to them on behalf of community initiatives, groups or events… I’ve given up now. Given their tax exile status with their off-shore approach, any community based activity is likely to be a no no for them… ho hum.

  4. Gemma Francis says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m a trainee journalist and would love to chat to all of you more about this Vaultex parking issue as i’m planning on doing a piece and speaking to the company also.

    If any of you could get in touch via email on or via my mobile on 07929224329 i’d be very grateful.

    Kind Regards

    Gemma Francis

  5. Paul Convery says:

    Today I got a reply from Martin Holland in Highways saying:

    “You are quite correct about the parking. Although on a private forecourt, the cars have obviously crossed our paving, therefore this morning we blocked the route by installing cycle stands.”

    I have not yet been around to see if it’s made any difference, so reports would be most welcome.

  6. Ian says:

    I noticed the new cycle stands last nights, which act as a barrier to the area where the cars were parked. Good move – maybe those Vaultex secret agents will go green and take to their bikes.

  7. Paul Convery says:

    I walked past this morning and conclude that use of cycle stands has been a very ingenious way of “fencing-in” the forecourt. However, the gap between two of the stands is sufficient to squeeze one very small SMART car. I got a further message today from the Council’s streetscene people saying “thanks for the photos we are aware of the problem, arrangements are in hand to close the gap.” We’ll see how that goes. From the vendor sticker on today’s solitary parked car it may have been driven-in from Loughton, Essex (also known as Loughton, Central Line). So, please take the underground, folks.

  8. Paul Convery says:

    I agree with Sophie’s observations that local management of Vaultex are as impenetrable as their building. However, the firm is owned by two absolute blue-chips of the banking world – HSBC and Barclays. Vaultex UK Ltd is a 50:50 joint venture beyween the two banks which in 2007 took over the “troubled cash handling operation” of Loomis (owned by security group, Securitas). Loomis still supplies cash transit – the armoured trucks that visit the Vaultex site. Given that HSBC and Barclays are quite deeply into the corporate social responsibility business, their senior management ought to be the 1st calling point to discuss the contribution of their business in our neighbourhood.

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