Caledonian Ward Safer Neighbourhood’s Team – Autumn/Winter Newsletter


Message from Sergeant Dave Wiggins

Caledonian team works closely with the local community and our partners to tackle the things that matter to you. To help us ensure we correctly identify your concerns, we meet local residents at regular ward panel meetings. At these meetings, local residents decide what our ward priorities should be for the coming months. To find out exactly when and where these meetings take place please visit our website: Or, if you would like to participate in helping to make
your local area safer, please let us know by telephoning 020 7421 0271.

Did you know?

Caledonian Ward saw a 38 per cent reduction in motor vehicle theft in May 2009 compared with the previous year.

Your Ward Priorities

You have told us your ward priorities include:

1. Anti-social behaviour in and around the Bemerton Estate.
2. Crime prevention through youth engagement.
3. Cycle theft and cycling on footways.

Your ward priorities are reviewed regularly. If you have any information relating to these priorities, please contact us on 020 7421 0271.

Tackling Anti- Social Behaviour on Bemerton Estate

The Bemerton Estate, N1, has for years been plagued with antisocial behaviour by youths. Most of the young people do not live on the estate but use it as their playground. Residents have been complaining to us about the problem, as well as to Homes For Islington. We obtained Acceptable Behaviour
Contracts for some of the offenders, however the problem persisted and more action was needed. The ringleaders – the major players in causing anti-social behaviour (ASB) and goading others, have been identified. We have been working closely with Homes For Islington and Islington Council to obtain
injunctions on three of the ringleaders, who are all aged 18. The three are now banned from the Bemerton Estate and surrounding areas. This was a major breakthrough in breaking up the gang and restoring the estate back to the residents.

Preventing Pedal Cycle Crime

Following numerous complaints from members of the public about people cycling on the pavement in York Way, the team has increased patrols in the area. Many pedestrians felt intimidated and it was only a matter of time before they were injured by a cyclist along this busy thoroughfare. We recently
issued a number of fines to people cycling on the pavement resulting in a big reduction in this type of offence. We will continue to target the offenders.

Caledonian team also recently participated in a crime prevention initiative at Kings Place – a large conference and events centre in York Way, N1. The aim of the initiative was to advise centre staff
about crime prevention and how to stay safe in the local area. The team ran the two-day event with one day set aside for bicycle tagging. The event was well attended, with one thousand crime prevention advice packs handed out. Around 50 staff members took advantage of our free bicycle tagging service.

Young People Rejuvenate Bemerton Estate

Caledonian team recently worked in partnership with local youth worker Gena Kidd and young people aged between 11 and 14. Youngsters from all over Islington have been involved in projects designed to make their local neighbourhoods a better place to live. Young people from our ward decided to redecorate the Community Hall on the Bemerton Estate, which is used by all members of the community, giving it a new lease of life. They came third in their category and won gift vouchers for Arsenal and HMV shops.

Preparing for Halloween and Bonfire Night

Caledonian team is preparing for our busiest time of year, when traditionally anti-social behaviour increases. Months of planning with Islington Council takes place so the law-abiding majority can
enjoy the festivities without their fun being spoilt by a minority of troublemakers. To minimise any disruption, there will be more police on the streets at night and a dedicated Fireworks Unit on
patrol. We are also working with Trading Standards to prevent the sale of fireworks to children. Any shops caught will be fined or prosecuted.

Online Youth Survey

The Safer Neighbourhoods online youth survey launches on the 21st September giving 11-18 year olds an anonymous way of telling their local police team about any areas on their school journey and in their neighbourhood that make them feel unsafe. Safer Neighbourhoods teams drive a range of initiatives that get young people involved in their community. These include: Youth ward panels – young people set and resolve local policing priorities that matter to them Volunteer Police Cadets – develop new skills and carry out activities that directly support community issues and policing operations Safer Schools Officers – engage with pupils and teachers to help reduce the risk of young people getting drawn into crime or anti-social behaviour.  Find the survey at

London Borough of Islington
Caledonian Team
020 7421 0271

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1 Response to Caledonian Ward Safer Neighbourhood’s Team – Autumn/Winter Newsletter

  1. Andrew says:

    I also note a number of cycles using footpaths in the area, however I do have some sympathy for them as the provision for cycles in the area is very poor with no protection from articulated lorries as they rattle around the roads.

    Feedback from residents and police on the troubles on York Way should be fed back to TfL who are (as I understand) looking at new plans for York Way at the moment, perhaps a cycle lane needs to be implemented with hard boundary between the traffic and cycles

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