New Life For Historic Gas Holders

Feix__Merlin_webJohn Ashwell of Northdown Street, spotted this piece on the web that illustrate some of the short-listed designs for the gas holders that will be re-erected on the old Railway Lands site.

Take a look at this link – View Designs

What are your thoughts?  Comment Below.

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3 Responses to New Life For Historic Gas Holders

  1. M@ says:

    Most of the pics give a very limited sense of what the design would actually look like. Keeping this in mind, I favour the one with the giant ball bearing, which looks highly novel and distinctive and matches the industrial heritage of the gasholder. I also like the idea of the helter-skelter one – a fun little concept that will appeal to the many families on nearby housing estates. But, again, from the renderings it’s hard to appreciate how it might look.

  2. Choong Chu / York Central says:

    Oh I am keeping my fingers crossed it will happen! The current development on the warehouse site just looks like so much retail and business tarted up slightly.

  3. Andrew says:

    “Industrial Renovation: The Gasometers of Vienna” – turning Vienna’a gasometers into resedential and retail 10 years ago….

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