USA Pizza & Burrito Bar seeking permission for late-night activities

Usa_logo The Community Bulletin Board has just been advised that an applicatiion has been received by the Islington Council Licensing Team on 3 September from USA Pizza & Burrito Bar located at 65 Caledonian Road (at Northdown Street), London, N1 9BT seeking permission for the following licensible activities:

  • Permit the sale of alcohol between 11:00 and 05:00 on Mon. to Sun.

  • Permit the provision of late night refreshment between 23:00 and 05:00 on Mon. to Sun.

Local residents can comment on this Application, but must do so before 1 October 2009.  Send your email to:  Be sure to provide your name and address and refer to the name and location of the establishment.

For more information contact:

Dominic Ping
Licensing Support Officer
Licensing Team
Islington Council
Tel: 020 7527 3031
Alternative contact: Emma Rolls 020 7527 3421

What's your opinion?  Will you be supporting or objecting to this application.  Let your neighbours know by commenting below - (note that comments made here are not part of the formal planning process).

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5 Responses to USA Pizza & Burrito Bar seeking permission for late-night activities

  1. Stephan Schulte says:

    What is the future of the lower end of Caledonian Road? Is it to be nothing more then a collection of fast food take-aways, or should local residents start to take a stronger position on it’s development by exercising more of a voice when it comes to things that are being proposed.

    Take for example this latest application that would potentially see trading until 5 AM 7 days a week. While no one wants to deny the average punter the opportunity to have a cold beer with their pizza or burrito (both quite tasty I would add), do we need to encourage this activity during the whole period requested – until 5 AM. For the sake of those that live near-by what about a License that ceases at midnight from Sunday to Thursday and say 1:30 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. This would be quite reasonable and would be a schedule that I would not object to. Later then that and I and hopefully YOU would have a problem.

    What to do about it!

    The new licensing law has made it very difficult to object to new licenses…except for this one clause:

    Licensing Policy 20

    The Licensing Authority will keep potential areas of saturation (areas where we believe that no further licensed premises can be accommodated) under review. Where representations from responsible authorities or interested parties indicate that saturation is reached, it will consider introducing a special saturation policy for the area that will create a presumption for the refusal of all new applications.

    Unfortunately our Council Licensing Team has taken the following approach (this from the Council Website)

    At the present time the Licensing Authority, after consulting with the police, is not of the view that there are areas of the borough where we should seek not to grant any further licences. We will keep this constantly under review, particularly in our town centre areas, and will be expecting that in key areas of the borough where there is a particular concentration of premises, licence holders exercise high standards of management, and work in collaboration with other licence holders in the vicinity.

    As a local resident you might take a different view. I know I do. I believe it’s time to begin to work actively with the Council to make our position known and to seek their assurances AND THEIR SUPPORT so that our main local shopping area can be just that and not simply a collection of late-night fast food venues.

  2. Paul Convery says:

    There are 2 things to say about this licence application:

    First, I just got word from the Licensing team that the application has been deemed invalid because “it is incomplete”. However, the applicant will doubtless resubmit.

    Secondly, Stephan is correct to spot the “saturation” clause in the Licensing Policy. Forgive a moment of quick partisanship but this clause was inserted late last year when two of my Labour colleagues on the Licensing policy committee managed to pursuade a disgruntled Lib Dem on the committee to back it. The Lib Dems who are still running the Town Hall day-to-day tried to reverse this at a full meeting of the Council but eventually they backed off because it was clear we had a majority on the matter. So, I would welcome a strong and concerted effort to demonstrate that this is a situation where the policy might apply.

    I agree with Stephan that “having a cold beer” with your pizza is undoubtedly agreeable. But up until 5am? And a takeaway? It’s far more likely to be a case of people already pretty drunk having “another beer” with their pizza and then heading out onto the street eating and drinking. Whilst I support parts of Kings Cross developing an “evening economy” it needs to be based on a model of restrained eating, drinking and entertainment not a West-End style drinking to oblivion model. And that needs carefully regulation to achieve it.

  3. Paul Convery says:

    Sure enough, the applicant yesterday (Sept 9th) submitted a duplicate application after the first application was deemed technically invalid.

  4. Ian says:

    This is ridiculous. Are the licensing committee aware that this premises is open to the street and has chairs and tables on the pavement? That means loud music played out into the street all night long every single night of the week, people congregating and drinking inside and outside. It might be called a takeaway, but it is effectively a small cafe with an outdoors area. For those that live nearby this will be as bad as one of the local pubs open all night. What on earth do they need a licence until 5 in the morning. I suspect that they have asked for more than they need, so that a ‘compromise’ will be made, awarding what they really want, which is licence to serve and sell alcohol all day and until very late (3 am?). I am very concerned about this, and don’t believe it is a practical or reasonable proposal in the slightest.

  5. Andrew says:

    I understand that the application will be determined by the Licencing Authority at a public hearing conducted by the Licencing Committee on 2nd November 2009, 11am at the Town Hall, Upper Street, London N1 2UD. More details here:

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