King’s Place – Variation to Condition 6 (hours of operation) – pursuant to their original application


This is a tricky matter that will mainly impact the folks living on the Canal facing King's Place.  I will do my best to explain what I think is going on.

To recap:  The original King's Place Planning Application P032145 was approved with one key Condition – No. 6 which stated that The proposed A3 uses shall not operate outside the hours of 08:00 – and 23.00 on any day.

As you will remember during 2008 King's Place subsequently filed a Licensing Application which sought permission to use their outside space until midnight, but because of the prior Planning constraint there was a problem.  Although the Licensing Application was approved and the License seems to state that they can sell Alchol on and off the Premises until 00.00 (Click to see the online details), the Minutes (and I only have a draft copy) from the Council Meeting stated that:

139 (a) iv)That licensable activities shall cease on the outside terrace area at 22:30 and the outside terrace area to be cleared by 23:00. And

13. The outside areas shall not be used

  • For regulated entertainment by way of any amplified sound
  • After 22.30

From this latest Planning Application it appears that King's Place is seeking vacate the original Condition 6 from Planning so that they can eventually seek to gain permission from Licensing (if they don't already have it) to use the outside space until midnight.

The Bulletin Board has welcomed comments from the parties involved (King's Place, Islington Planning and/or Licensing) to clarify this assumption (please use the Comments section below).  We have now heard from John Nugent of King's Place, so please see his response in the section below marked Comments.

This latest Planning Application is No. P091689 (Download Council_notice) and the Planning Case Officer is Stella Bailey.  Any comments about this specific application must be received by the Planning Department by 10 Sept and can be sent via email to

This applicaiton should also appear on the Council's website, (it's not up yet), and you will be able to submit your comment on the application online.

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3 Responses to King’s Place – Variation to Condition 6 (hours of operation) – pursuant to their original application

  1. Taking Stephan’s interpretation of events as correct, this is a bad move by the building managers and generally anti-social. The building has made a huge impact on the area, good and bad. Late night noise is a real problem which is why this condition went into the planning approval. Noise as we all know carries unusually well over water.

    If consent for the building was granted on this basis, the planning condition should remain. Local people shouldn’t be further inconvenienced just for the sake of a nice-to-have for the local bar operator.

  2. John Nugent says:

    Hello there.

    I would like to follow up the recent piece on the bulletin board about the current planning application – King’s Place – Variation to Condition 6.

    We applied to move the A3 consent from 11pm to midnight last October. When planning was originally sought for Kings Place, 11pm was considered sufficient. With hindsight, this was an error.

    The planning committee granted this condition last October, but with the caveat that it was for one year only. They wanted a ‘wait and see approach’, which we were very happy with. We are now reapplying to have it granted permanently.

    The thrust behind the application is to allow people using the facilities to have food and drink after the events/performances, to extend the enjoyment of their evening.

    We agreed that at the time that no amendments were being sought to the conditions of the Premises Licence that was granted by the licensing committee. This is still the case.

    We are not in anyway looking to have people on the terrace between 11pm and midnight. Nothing could be further from our thoughts. We are very comfortable with the terms of our current premises licence and have worked very hard over the past year to enforce these and work in a very neighbourly fashion. I don’t want people to think that we are looking to have people on the terrace late at night.



  3. It is of great concern that there are people who have lived at the moorings for many years on Battlebridge Basin and are now seriously considering leaving because of the almost total loss of privacy that has resulted from that way the terrace is used at King’s Place.

    Additionally, the light pollution caused by the building as a whole continues to be problematic, I’ve had direct denials from King’s Place management when I’ve raised the issue with LB Islington – not exactly neighbourly to be accused of telling porkies by King’s Place management.

    And that on top of having been asked to move on by King’s Place security last year when handing out the most innocuous leaflets asking people to support the call for a pedestrian bridge across the rear of King’s Cross Station.

    All in all so far my experience of King’s Place has been quite poor, which is a great shame as I was an enthusiastic supporter of the original planning application and remain keen to see the community outreach work they do continue.

    On the basis of my experience over the past year I will be putting in an objection… I can’t feel secure that the extended terrace use will not cause further problems for people living on the basin.

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