Worried about swine flu?


The Communiy Bulletin Board received this excellent suggestion from one of our local neighbours from Northdown Street, Sarah S. so we wanted to pass it along for your consideration.

If you check out the NHS Choices and Department of Health websites, one of the recommendations made relates to the need for people to enlist help from their friends, relatives and neighbours if they become sick with swine flu.  So far, medical advice to a person who thinks they have swine flu asks them to contact NHS Direct or their GP.  The person should not leave the house.

It may be that the sick person will have to ask a neighbour to obtain the anti-viral drugs for them from the designated supplier, and to possibly buy food for them during the time they are sick.

Whilst realising that none of us wants to get swine flu and none of us may get swine flu, it would still be a good idea for neighbours to form small support groups in advance of possible sickness and agree to provide help where necessary to those who get flu.

Why not contact your immediate neighbours and friends and ask them if they would be willing to help if swine flu strikes?   That way, should people need help, there is a network in place.   Exchange telephone numbers and email addresses and keep the information to hand.

If people are worried that they could get swine flu from a sick neighbour, then they should be aware that the swine flu outbreak is at its highest World Health Organisation pandemic level now and they could just as easily catch flu from walking out of their front doors and passing complete strangers on the street.

Sarah S.

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2 Responses to Worried about swine flu?

  1. At first, swine flu never bothered me because I was thinking that the percentage of me getting swine flu is about 1%. However, I didn’t realize that it spreads this fast and this is a very serious disease. So now, I am taking some vitamins, and I do not go to the malls without anything important to do. Now I am really scared.

  2. michael says:

    I have been using high doses of vitamin c to protect myself against infection/viruses with some success. Last week I had a very high temperature and sore throat which came on very quickly. During the day I took 5,000mg of vitamin c and the next day the symptoms had gone. Now this may have happened anyway. However it is not the first time I have experinced this.

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