Commuter protest against tube strike 1700 today Kings Cross tube entrance

London_underground_logo This site has always supported people's right to organise and to strike – but we have to acknowledge the impact strikes can have on regular folk.  Some folk down at the Hub on York Way are organising an anti-strike protest – if you agree go along – here is the message they sent:

'As mentioned, lets get a flash mob organised to voice our disgust at the tube strike – kings cross tube main entrance outside the station, 5.00pm. It disgusting that Londoners have to feel the brunt of this strike – especially given the current economic situation. To be striking over a pay increase (in part) is completely out of context. I think it’s time that the tube drivers gained some actual understanding of the nightmare they cause … which, in this situation appears greedy, by meeting some of the aggrieved travellers.

“TFL striking for more cash is an ABUSE of position when redundancy is rife. Flash mob. Kings X tube main entrance at 5.00pm to show our disgust.”'

About William Perrin

Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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9 Responses to Commuter protest against tube strike 1700 today Kings Cross tube entrance

  1. Sophie Talbot says:

    I so don’t agree with protesting against the strike, and I so agree with your having posted the item! Good to see all views being aired right here – cheers Will.

  2. Nick says:

    Might as well drop by the rmt, and make it clear to them that they are being irresponsible.

  3. Michael Swarbrick says:

    i’m not subscribing to a site that advertises strike breaking events, so i have unsubscribed from your list.

    why aren’t the good ‘folk’ down the hub confonting the tfl management?
    have they actually done any research on this?
    yeah, it’s always the workers fault, why don’t we remove the right to strike?
    poor dears, inconvenienced are they?
    flash mob, how radical…

  4. Sophie Talbot says:

    But the RMT are not being irresponsible and the strike is not just about pay. Maybe we should put up a posting explaining what the strike is about and why the RMT have called it rather than leaving the bald statement “striking for more cash is an ABUSE of position” on our website? Rather than relying on the press, take a look at to find out why the strike is happening.

  5. and here is the RMT’s statement

    ‘Tonight’s 48 hour tube strike will go ahead after lawyers for London Underground pulled the rug from under a deal which would have settled the dispute.

    “RMT negotiators spent all afternoon and early evening at ACAS putting together a deal which could have settled the dispute only for London Undergound to bring in lawyers at the last minute who pulled the rug from under a workable agreement. The strike goes ahead and we know that it will receive solid support from RMT members across the tube network.” Bob Crow RMT general secretary.’

  6. MIchael Swarbrick says:

    I may have been hasty with unsubscribing from the newsletter, but i was quite upset and offended by the Hub’s wording in the email/post. This is coming from an organisation that has on it’s web site, “A new members space for people working to create a better world.”?

  7. Andrew says:

    I work in the private sector, and I feel lucky to have my job after two rounds of redundancies at my place of employment. I haven’t had a pay increase for several years and I see having a job as a privilege in the current economic environment.

    I did have lunch yesterday with two friends, one has taken a 33% pay cut to ensure there are no further redundancies at his place of work and the other has lost 20% of their salary in the last two years as the economy bites. Both also work in the private sector. These are two examples of what I see happening with many people I know.

    I find any talk of pay increases distasteful in the current economic environment.

  8. Stephan Schulte says:

    I truly understand the value of Unions, but I cannot understand how people can let one union hold the entire City of London hostage to their specific demands. What their demands are is not relevant. Whatever they are, they are small in comparison to the damage that has now been inflicted on businesses, large and small because of their lack of consideration. It simply boggles my mind.

    Public employees in key/critical areas should not have the right to strike and endanger either the safety or economic welbeing of a city. This is majority rule, NOT MINORITY RULE. I suggest that we ask some of the thousands of people who have lost their jobs without any right to “strike” if they feel solidarity with these people… I would venture NO.

    As as for the Mayor…what a lost opportunity to stop this nonsense. Parking/congestion charging should have been scrapped making it as easy as possible for folks to try to get in. Every available means of transportation should have been mobilized. Bus drivers should have been called in from vacation – on OT of course. The more he could have done to neutralize this action, the greater the liklihood it would not be repeated. Another opportunity lost.

    Me…I’m on my scooter, so “nuts” to Bob and Boris!

  9. Happily this website doesn’t have any influence over whether or not people choose to withdraw their labour in protest against job insecurity, long term pay agreements etc. I suggest if people want to vent their anger they do so in some other place – otherwise it’s all hot air!!!

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