King’s Cross “Lighthouse” Building Gets Approval

Unbeknown to local Islington residents, Camden Council just approved plans to re-develop the Lighthouse Building on the corner of Gray's Inn and Pentonville Roads this past Thursday evening.  You can see the full story online at the Camden New Journal.

The full planning application can be found on the Camden Council website for those interested, but here are some of the proposed elevations that I've downloaded.


View-from-KX-station Gray's-Inn-Road-elevation

The decision has now been made so now all we have to do is wait to see what happens given these poor economic times.

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9 Responses to King’s Cross “Lighthouse” Building Gets Approval

  1. Mark Mullen says:

    Thank you very much for posting this, I was wondering what the story was with this building. I am interested to know who owns it. I went through all the paperwork posted here, and in the article linked but couldn’t seem to find it. If anybody knows, please let me know.


  2. Paul says:

    If you care to visit they give you a little bit of background, and apparently P&O Ferries are the owners!

  3. Rachy says:

    Good!!! It’s about time something is done to restore this lovely old building.

  4. sean says:

    Don’t hold your breath. P&O sold to UK Real estate – the same people who developed the Nandos spot in York Way. They have gained planning permission but have not responded to our requests of when they will start work. We would hate to think they were asset sitting.

  5. Andrew says:

    Hi Sean, All,

    Ironically I was passing the building today and noticed a team out with theodolites at the corner of York Way and Caledonian Road.

    I suspected they were surveying the roadway for upcoming junction alterations, but noticed one of the tripods was set up in the doorway of the lighthouse building. I asked someone who looked like they were in charge what they were surveying for, he explained they had started the strip out in the lighthouse building and they were working out where the tube lines ran (I assume so they don’t excavate too far down!). He seemed to things were getting underway.

    I circled around the building and noticed a garage door open on the Grays Inn Road side which looked like it was being used for works access.

    I just came on this site to post this info, and noticed your comment…..

    Fingers crossed!


  6. sean says:

    Thanks for that. Finger’s crossed indeed.

  7. Tony O'Ceallaigh says:

    Does anyone have any concrete news on this? Surely what is currently an awful eyesore has to be ready for the new piazza? Also what about the back end where the cosmetics shop and eateries are?


    Bemerton street

  8. Andrew says:

    Today I saw scaffolding going up on the south face of the building….looking more promising….

  9. tony o'ceallaigh says:

    I took a photo last night of the scaffolding going up on the front of the building. If this goes ahead it will have a transformational effect on the Cross

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