From Brill Place to Somers Town – a walk through the ages

This event has been organised in conjunction with the King’s Cross Railway Lands Group and will be opened to whomever wishes to attend.

From Brill Farm to Somers

Linda Clarke has a BA in art and architectural history and an MSc in Architectural Studies. Her PhD in social and economic history – that featured Somers Town as a case study – was published as ‘Building
Capitalism’ by Routledge (1992). She has researched at the Building Economics Research Unit at UCL and at Westminster Business School, where she is Professor of European Industrial Relations. Her current programme of research in the Centre for Employment Research includes a study of bricklaying skills and qualifications in eight European countries, which is supported by the European Commission and coordinated by the European construction trade unions and employers organisations.

KXRLG is made up of community groups and individuals living and working in Camden and Islington whose aim is to influence the developments in around the King’s Cross railway lands in order to ensure they benefit local residents, community groups and businesses.

Linda has been helping KXRLG to assess the potential for training and employment in the construction of the forthcoming development on the King’s Cross railway lands.

For more information please contact the Kings Cross Railway Lands Group at or go to their website

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