Fourth and Fifth Floor Extension Proposed for Northdown Street – P090202

Swallow_house_northdown_street Swallow House at 11-21 Northdown Street (close to Pentonville Road) has submitted a new Planning Application (P090202) to increase the height of their building by two floors.

Already the heights at this end of Northdown Street are moving up with the construction of a new building at the street's intersection with Pentonville Road.

Slowly but surely higher buildings are creeping in throughout the neighbourhood and while they may not be problematic at some locations they do set precedents that even the Council cannot overcome.  So much so that it actually states on the Council's website that "this application may affect the character and appearance of the conservation area. Town and Country Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 (as amended); section 73."

If you have something to say about this Application, file your comments online or at  This is Application P090202, the Officer is Benjamin Dixon and the Consultation period closes on 19 March.

If anyone from the area wishes to mobilze local residents, please let the Bulletin Board know.

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