Islington Pancake Races this Sunday….

Ppancakegals We have an unusual treat for you this weekend… 

This weekend's Islington Farmer's Market will see the inaugural Islington Pancakealympics, a renaissance of the age-old tradition of pancake racing!! Winners of this Sunday's heats will go through to the grand final on Islington Green this coming Tuesday (pancake day), from 12pm 'til 2.30pm. 

Pancakes are truly a global food, with every country having their own take on them. Once upon a time pancakes were found all over the UK in many different shapes and sizes. On Pancake Day itself, every village would hold pancake races that would commence with the ringing of the pancake bell. These traditions have sadly died out. 

In 2009 it’s about time that pancake racing was reintroduced to the masses, and London Farmers’ Markets will host 12:20pm Pancake Races in Islington this coming Sunday and Tuesday. Races will be open for anyone to enter, and they will promote the idea of eating fresh exciting pancakes made from seasonal ingredients. Don’t worry about the extra calories, as you can burn them off in the race! 

  • Racers can turn up on the day, with no need to register in advance. 
  • Racers get to keep their pancake and can eat it afterwards (if they don’t drop it). 
  • A small race entrance fee of 50p will be charged and all proceeds will go to children’s charities. 
  • Prizes will be awarded to the winner of each heat and the overall winner stands to win a pair of tickets to a major London sporting attraction. 

Chef-extraordinaire Mark Gautier will be on hand to provide seasonal pancake refreshments to spectators, such as apple and cinnamon as well as the classic lemon and sugar. 

Race Rules (organise your own race if you cannot make it to ours) 
  • All racers must flip their pancake before the start of the race – to ensure none are fixed down!! 
  • Racers must flip the pancake at least 3 times during the race. 
  • Racers that drop a pancake must return to the start and begin again. 
  • Pancakes must not be eaten until the end of the race; if you cross the line with an empty pan you will be disqualified. 
Make sure you use local organic or free-range eggs – they really make a pancake tastier. 

If the races are popular – next year we aim to have races all over the capital. The races are being run as part of celebrations to mark 10 years of farmers’ markets in London. 

So bring your friends and family, and join in the fun! Contact us for any further details.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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