News from Islington Farmers Market about this Sunday….

Farmers market

We have a new weekly stall to tell you about this weekend. Roland Ballard, of Muddy Boots, is a farmer of prime Aberdeen Angus beef in Worcestershire. He is also a fine cook, and makes incredible-tasting products from some of the finest cuts of his meat, which he will be bringing to market this weekend for the first time. As well as a range of hand-made gourmet beefburgers, he will have lasagnes, bolognese sauce and a number of beef stews. We are sure you will instantly recognise the Aberdeen Angus quality. Roland will also be selling some of the prime cuts of his raw meat, and giving out lots of warming samples.
Due to the freezing temperatures this past week, Adrian Izzard, of Wild Country Organics, unfortunately does not have enough produce to make it to the market this weekend. He'll be back next weekend, as will Nigel Dyer, of Lettuce and Lovage. We also spoke to Matthew Rooney, of Gourmet Mushrooms recently, who said that it has been an unusually slow period for his mushroom growth over the past few weeks, so he doesn't expect to be back until the end of February.

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Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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