The Brill – a sneaky preview

Brill The Brill on The Cally opposite Tesco opens properly next week, roving reporter Lynne Sanders popped in today and managed to get a sneaky peak…

"The management are very friendly and keen to attract the custom of local residents (15% off for residents –  not for a limited time – for ever!).

There's a restaurant area and adjacent takeaway on the ground floor  and a bar in the basement. Decor – neutral, pleasant and comfortable.

The emphasis is on traditional British-style food, locally-sourced as  far as possible. I had 'Londoner' sausages with gravy, mash and Savoy  cabbage. The sausages were meaty and tasty, and the cabbage was nutty  and full of flavour. The portion size was just right in my opinion –  enough to fill me up, but not so much that I felt  too heavy afterwards.

Other things on the menu include – fish, chips and mushy peas; steak  and kidney pie; roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. All looked good and  everybody else eating there seemed very complimentary about the food.

The takeaway will sell sandwiches and soup among other things. The  sandwiches will start at £1.60 and go up to £3.95 for a roast-of-the- day special from the carvery.

They are planning to introduce a card system: for £15 a week, you can  go in every weekday lunchtime and have a sandwich, crisps and soup.”

So, things are looking up. The Brill replaces the adult DVD shop that used to be on that site. Do feel free to add your comments if you visit The Brill.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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1 Response to The Brill – a sneaky preview

  1. Caroline Shearing says:

    The offer of 15 per cent off for residents is no longer available (if it ever was a genuine offer?).

    I ate at The Brill last night (Sept 15) and the assistant manager claimed to know nothing of the offer.

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