Your Tolpuddle festival needs you!!!

Help mark the 175th anniversary of the great march in support of the Tolpuddle Martyrs


It was 1834 and 100,000 people gathered in what was Copenhagen Fields and has become the area just north east of King’s Cross station to demand freedom for the Tolpuddle Martyrs; it is now 175 years later and residents in King’s Cross together with trades unions from all over the country are preparing to commemorate that momentous day with a march on 25 April from the Caledonian Park to Edward Square where an acoustic music festival and lots of activities will end a week of events.

The credit crunch is hitting us all hard in 2009, but back in 1834 things were very much tougher for ordinary working people. Average family outgoings for the basics was 13 shillings and ninepence; six farm labourers from the Dorset Village of Tolpuddle soon to become ‘martyrs’, decided that local pay of 9 shillings a week was tantamount to starvation wages. So George Loveless together with his brother James and brother-in-law Thomas Stanfield, Thomas’s son John, James Hammett and James Brine decided to set up a trade union to fight for better wages from the rich landowners including James Frampton. Frampton complained to the Prime Minister who agreed that development of unions must be stopped. The six were framed on charges of ‘swearing an oath’ under laws created to stop seditious meetings and assemblies and in March were sentenced to seven years transportation to the penal colonies of Australia where they could reasonably be expected to starve or die.

But… on April 21, 1834 a month after the Trial a mass procession of 35 unions, organised in Copenhagen Fields by the Metropolitan Trades Unions, marched to Whitehall to present a massive 200,000 signature petition which the Prime Minister refused to accept. Protests continued and after some years the Martyrs were freed. They are now world famous as six heroes.

In King’s Cross a street has been named after the Martyrs and a mural on Copenhagen Street celebrates the original march. The commemoration march will begin at what would have been the north end of Copenhagen Fields, now called Caledonian Park, and end towards the southern boundary at Edward Square.

The 2009 festival in King’s Cross will culminate on 25 April with a recreation of the Martyrs’ oath, the march itself, banner making, music and comedy. The week of activities will include making links with local schools to teach students about the history of their area and a key episode in the advancement of democracy and workers’ rights as debates and discussions with community groups to tell the story and consider the relevance today. 

What we need

We have lots of ideas and enthusiasm, now we need hard cash.  Our budget runs to nearly £10,000. This amount would enable us to mount a truly spectacular series of events. Without your financial help the festival will not be a success. A group of local people are donating a considerable amount of time and expertise, all administrative costs, meeting rooms in the run up to the festival and much, much more. Festival costs are being kept to the absolute minimum – see the budget attached – but there are outgoings that we cannot cover. It is for these costs we are appealing to you. 

Please give generously. Whilst enthusiastic, the festival organisers need every penny you can spare.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Tolpuddle in Islington’, we are setting up a dedicated bank account for the festival in that name and are now waiting on the Co-op bank for our sort code and account number. As soon as we have these they will appear on our website.

Very best wishes,

On behalf of all the TolpuddleKX 2009 festival organisers

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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