Christmas at the Central Station

Santa_th The past few weeks have seen the new restaurant upstairs at the Central Station go from strength to strength. The owners have taken on board suggestions from local residents who took part in the experimental first night. This is now a bar/restaurant that is really working at being a part of our community. It fills a niche that so many of us want – very good food but not too pretentious, affordable and all in a relaxed, layed back atmosphere with the most lovely chef ever! The Christmas Menu is looking great, and gets better when you consider it's all for only £27.50 per head:

Layered vegetable terrine (V)
Grilled parma ham & smoked salmon salad
Smooth tomato, slow caramelised onion & pepper soup (V*)
Honey glazed breast of duck with a bramble jelly sauce
Grilled loin of lamb with "Irish" cabbage with a mashed potato sauce & a rich red wine gravy
Mussels in mulled cider
Walnut, vegetable & spinach horseradish crumble (V*)
Lillyproine orange fool with orange shortbread
Pear meringues with grated dark chocolate
Snowdon pudding with a brandy sauce
Cheese & biscuits
Coffee or tea
(V*) Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
The Central Station is on the corner of Wharfdale Road and Balfe Street. Phone 020 7278 3294. A local business, an independent bar – well worth supporting!Snowma_th Snowma_th

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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