Aflorum – Our Local Florist Goes Even Greener


Our local florist on Caledonian Road (across from Tescos), Aflorum has just made a major new purchase to help with their ever expanding business – a new electric delivery vehicle.

Keeping to the spirit of going green, this new vehicle is exactly what local neighbourhood merchants need:  Zero emissions, charges for pennies, goes 40 miles on a charge, is easy to park, enjoys a the benefit of NO CONGESTION CHARGES and it was subsidised by a grant from Islington's Climate Change Fund.  What more could you ask for.

Florist Wichet, has taken the lead and this might spur other local merchants to take a look at the economic benefits on offer.  If interested you can get in touch via the Aflorum's website or give him a call at the shop at (020) 7837-4000.

6a00d8345162e169e200e54f252dcb8833-800wiOh yes, and the flowers and floral arrangements on offer are also something to behold as many of our neighbours have already discovered.





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3 Responses to Aflorum – Our Local Florist Goes Even Greener

  1. What a fantastic little van!

  2. This is so pretty floral good that you shared this,i like it. Will certainly visit your site more often now. 🙂


  3. Wow! this is a great news what a amazing van and i think the floral was really great. 🙂


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