Walking about in King’s Cross

Googleearth Walking about in this area has never been an easy or safe thing to do, let alone an enjoyable one. It's a regular discussion point on this website and has been the focus of many a feasibility study and consultation process over the years by LB Camden, LB Islington and by Transport for London, all of whom are involved in managing the transport and pedestrian routes around here. Even Network Rail now has a hand in things just to make life even more complicated.


TfL's most recent report into walking routes around the station has still to be published. Thanks to Will Perrin's use of a Freedom of Information Act question we are able to see it though.



Meanwhile, Network Rail's inadequately specified feasibility study into provision of a pedestrian and cycle bridge to the rear of the station which failed to even look at the bridge our community is calling for, was recently accepted by LB Camden. The study said that a bridge is not feasible – not a surprise when the only options it did include were already known to be non-runners whilst the only feasible option was left out. Please sign the petition for a bridge if you haven't already!


LB Camden accepted this report on the recommendation of their consultants Colin Buchanan. Download bucannan_study_of_arup_report_oct_08.PDF Buchanan's are currently working for LB Islington, producing recommendations for the King's Cross Movement and Public Space Stategy. You may think that's a conflict of interest, I couldn't possibly comment.


Buchanan's organised an initial meeting of stakeholders on September 18th this year, we carried an article on it a little while ago. I also produced a short note following the meeting: Download buchanans_1.pdf.Buachan's have have now produced the official report of this meeting and although I have asked twice for a pdf copy of it, I have so far had no reply at all from Buchanan's. You might like to request a copy direct from Buchanan's.


A second event is now planned on 27 November, 6-8pm at York Way Community Centre, Tiber Gardens (access via York Way Court, off Copenhagen Street), London N1 0XF. Please see the papers below for details should you wish to attend.



I'm in two minds about this having attended the first one. Although very enjoyable, the first event was hurried and rather superficial as a result. I am concerned that LB Islington has contracted out this consultation rather than taking it on internally. I am concerned that the local community and voluntary sector has not been involved in shaping the process and is certainly not being paid for its efforts. I am concerned that Buchanan's left hand might not know what their right hand is doing – or even more worryingly that they do but are prepared to go ahead anyway. I am concerned that Buchanan's have not responded to either of the two emails I have sent them. 


I'll probably go to the event just to make my voice heard. Maybe I'll see you there?

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. http://www.cookiewp.com She also manages King's Cross Community Projects http://www.kccp.org.uk
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