Fire on roof of King’s Place

P1010001At approximately 12:30 today a fire broke out on the roof of King’s Place (82-96 York Way).


 It seemed to be coming from one of the air conditioning units.  Fire_out

The building was quickly evacuated and within minutes the fire brigade was on the scene and had extinguished it with portable units.

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2 Responses to Fire on roof of King’s Place

  1. matt round says:

    The fire did not come from the air conditioning. The cause of the fire is unkown, however the fire you can see in the picture is a timber boxing in that covers a roof opening where services penetrate the roof. The boxing in was on fire, nothing else, no air conditioning units were involved, however the fire caused damage to air conditioning pipe work.

  2. Choong Chu / York Central says:

    Dear all:

    While a brief explanation of this second fire is welcome, the incident must create a major concern for everyone in the neighbourhood, especially those of us in the immediate vicinity of Kings Place. I cannot think of a building in London where a major fire has occurred twice in its construction & its first weeks of life. Surely it is appropriate to request a significant & independent review of the building’s safety specifications?

    This should NOT happen. Very concerned!

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