Kings Cross walkability audit condemns Kings Cross and St Pancras road crossings

P1010289 Crossing the road in Kings Cross is a nightmare and now we have an official report commissioned by TfL that sets it out in black and white. Basically the report by experts on the walking environment condemns the situation in Kings Cross.  Many locals took part in a walkability audit in vile January weather.  The report by TRL Living Streets has finally been released under FoI thanks to What Do They  The report says:

  • the pedestrian environment was generally poor
  • links of limited effective width
  • crossing provision inadequate
  • personal security often compromised
  • wayfdingin is made difficult
  • notes the sheer dominance and impact of road traffic
  • the Euston road is ‘highly dangerous’
  • provision for sensory and mobility impaired users is lacking
  • one bus-stop was in a ‘ludicrous’ position
  • at the York Way/Pentonville Road crossing ‘casualties were inevitable’ and ‘like a battleground’ at rush hour

The most entertaining bit is the Annex A where the report lays into the individual crossings we all have to suffer on a daily basis.  The real challenge now this report has been levered out of TfL is to use the unarguable evidence to do something about it.  This will mean TfL, Islington and Camden working together in an unprecedented bit of co-ordinated working.  We shall get a campaign running – any volunteers?

Full report at the link (2.6mb) Kings Cross St Pancras PERS CSA FINAL REPORT walkability

About William Perrin

Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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11 Responses to Kings Cross walkability audit condemns Kings Cross and St Pancras road crossings

  1. Andrew says:

    Interesting report, I really hope this encourages action.

    Of note is a comment on page 67 of the report (72nd PDF page), referring to the area on York Way from Wharfdale Road to Pentonville Road, recommending “Promote the route inside the station as an alternative”.

    As we all know this alternative access is due to be closed. This recommendation should be cited in further bridge campaign discussions.

  2. Daniel Zylbersztajn says:

    I agree with all the findings, but do not understand why the survey did not include Swinton and Acton Street as well as more of Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross Road and Pentonville Rise when a good radius was given to the North (of Euston Road). This diminishes the impact of the research to exclude its effect and recommendations (once again) to the people living on the Northside in streets that also bear Euston Road’s traffic. Since Argent Kings Cross Development started much is being enmphasized on the North side, forgetting the South where many Kings Cross residents actually live and suffer the (traffic).

    I personally think that a 20 m zone in a 1/2 – 1 mile radius around the two stations would be a highly beneficial thing. Further away one could think of ending the HGV traffic on all those roads. One thing that could make this happen is a relocation of the Royal Mail central post office and Smithfield Market to an area that can take heavy lorry traffic easier, eg. along some of the outer London orbit roads. All other recommendations I second. I also like to mention that sometimes between 2000-2003 an audit on traffic flow in the area was conducted on behalf of the Kings Cross Partnership, which lamented the one way system and stated that dual way traffic on Acton Street, Swinton Street and Kings Cross Road amongst others be reinstated to slow traffic and help residents.

  3. Tobias Newland says:

    Just read this report for the first time need to bring some of the insights of this report into the redesign of the Kings Cross gyratory system.

  4. Claudia Schmid says:

    Totally agreee; Euston Road is one of the scariest roadds to cross, and it’s horrible, especially for mobility impaired people like myself! I avoid it where I can, so hope that Camden Coucil do something to improve it!

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