Scooters and anti-social behaviour

Man_on_scooter_cartoonHave you noticed any increase in anti-social behaviour associated with scooters – thefts, crazy driving, noise or any general nuisance.  If so, this is the time to act.

Our Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be focusing on this specific problem but they need your intelligence.  So, if scooters are causing a problem in your area, please let me know.  Please provide as much information as possible that can help them indentify those behind the problem.  Snaps from your mobile phone, registration numbers, locations, times, frequency – all these items will help the SNT target those responsible.  Remember we are the teams eyes and ears and they cannot be expected to be everywhere all the time.

Oh yes, by the way, I drive a green Vespa, but I hope my driving will not have gotten me into trouble.

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3 Responses to Scooters and anti-social behaviour

  1. Daniel Zylbersztajn says:

    I have one suggestion, albeit perhaps long fetched, and maybe not practical. The problem of local youth-fool scooter riders could be solved if youth clubs would understand
    the scooter and motorbike or even driving world.

    CBT 125cc scooter licences are given relatively easily
    after one weekend of training. Beside that sometimes chaps rove about on stolen machines.

    Fantastic advanced rider courses are offered by BMI, IAM, ROSPA and Safe Bike. A programme that would part finance young people to take these prestige advanced riding courses, which also help them to reduce their bike insurance (if they have any). The net result is a comprehension and understanding or risks and improvement of ability.

    I feel by the way that problem has calmed a little in the last year or so in our area, but I maybe wrong

  2. stephan says:


    Local kids that love scooters and bikes have those options. We have a great local youth programme known as Sparkplug ( this is exactly the kinds of kids they try to attract.

    Stephan (and I’m a volunteer there)

  3. Sabrina Conway says:

    The problem with driving scooters recklessly is now in a critical stage for those of us living within the Bingfield Park area- I was nearly run down two days ago and little kids and car drivers are put at great risk. We as residents are witnessing the problem daily- this really needs more attention from our local police! Someone is going to get seriously hurt by these youths on bikes if we do not put a stop to it ASAP… I believe most residents are now feeling somewhat terrorised by these youths- I know I am, they are allowed to do exactly what they like with no police intervention- Bingfield Park must be closed off at night- the council needs to put up fencing and allow this park to grow into a welcoming family park- if you look the park is hardly used these days- what a wasted resource- TAKE NOTE police-it is not your dumping ground for the problem youth of today!

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