62-62 York Way Latest Planning Application Refused

ROUND 1 – Decision to the CommunityRefused_3

Just to make it clear, by refusing this latest application the community actually came one step closer to getting a building constructed on this site!  An approved application would have given the developer three more years to do nothing and, as past experience (their history of submitting repeated planning application for this site), has shown, this would have been the most likely outcome.

Instead the Planning Committee, let by our local Councillor Paul Convery effectively told the developers to show the neighbourhood something more interesting, less bulky or get on an build that which you have permission for – the 2002 approved plan.

ROUND 2 – Decision "To be determined"

The developer, still not happy with this latest decision, has one more bite at his oversize apple – the Planning Inquiry that will decide the fate of his 2007 Plan that was refused by the Council back in Nov. 2007.  It was for an even larger building, so this is an even more critical decision that the community must win.  It is clear that this developer will use every means possible to maintain overall control of this site and will try to wear down the Council and the public so they can build the biggest building possible.  Please keep in mind that this developer has had approved plans for this site since 1995 and to date we only have a hole in the ground.  Along the way, we defeated a 999-bed youth hostel, an illegal telephone mast, and got the illegal advertising hoardings (and the subsequent graffiti boards) that blighted the area removed.

Now the next test awaits, so please stand up and be counted.  If you don’t, someone else with dictate the fate our our neighbourhood!  The Public Inquiry will take place at the on Wednesday the 17th of September at the Holiday Inn at Camden Lock, 30 Jamestown Road, Camden Town, London NW1 7BR. Download map.pdf    The inquiry will commence at 10 AM and could last several days.  Members of the public are encouraged to attend and make their feelings known.  If you are interested in speaking in support of the Council’s Refusal of this plan, would you please get in touch with stephan@kingscrossenvironment.com.

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