King’s Place Generates Some Positive PR for King’s Cross

Whether you love it or hate it (it’s still too big for the site), there is no getting around the fact that it’s generating some great PR for the area.  Here are two recent articles from The Guardian and The Independent to keep the momentum going.

    Read what The Independent had to say.       Read what The Guardian had to say.



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3 Responses to King’s Place Generates Some Positive PR for King’s Cross

  1. Choong Chu / York Central says:

    Living right next to Kings Place will be a mixed blessing! The increase in light & noise from activity as the building goes operational will be unavoidable… something we will need to handle as neighbours. Hopefully they will be a good one!

    But it’s the first notable building in Kings Cross, after the fabulous St. Pancras, and that’s a great thing! Here’s hoping it proves to be a great addition to the community.

  2. Daniel Zylbersztajn says:

    They seem to have both (Independent / Guardian) got caught up in the well run PR for the place. Not a single second of their research went into acknowledging the controversies regarding the monster of Kings Cross. With all the laudates, how useful is environmentally friendly etc. if the building destroyed for ever an idyllic landscape, removing the entire west flank of docking house-boats. Further there is much to be said once again:

    – Kings Place must be careful to entice locals with continued low cost deals.
    – I totally disagree with the description in the independant by Hay Merrick of Kings Cross a decade ago, quote: “an edgy urban midden of slums, or a collage of “edge conditions”, to use an urban-planning term.” What a blown up arrogant buffoon – care to say there are more prostitutes in Chelsea than at Kings Cross.

    – Kings Cross Definition should be followed up in political geographical landscape. Enlarge the ward of Kings Cross so that Kings Cross Developments are Kings Cross for fact.

  3. sean murray says:

    The articles do indeed show the positive changes that are transforming King’s Cross.

    That said, it will take ALL of our efforts to tackle the low level concerns that most shape the perception of King’s Cross.

    Last night around 6pm the area at the bottom of York Way was a sorry state. Litter and rubbish everywhere, a drunk sprawled out on the narrow pavement outside McDonalds and a general street scene you’d best want to avoid.

    I hope all those who read this bulletin board remain positive about all our individual efforts to make KX a better place and step-up our efforts to deal with anti social behaviour, poor public environments and general street cleaning!


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