Frankly I thought I lived in King’s Cross Too…

Multimap_map This week, I just happened to pick up both a copy of the Camden New Journal and its sister publication the Islington Tribune.  Naturally, by their very titles you would assume that one is primarly about the goings-on in Camden, while the other focuses on items of interest in Islington.

What surprised me however this week, was the attached article, which appeared in the New Journal, but not the Tribune.  You will want to read it because it’s about King’s Cross, and contains one of the biggest announcements to date – the arrival of Central St Martins College to the Good’s Way Yards – Download kings_x_article_CJN_31July.pdf

I don’t know about you, but I always thought that most of us lived in King’s Cross, so I found it surprising that this article did not also appear in the Islington Tribune, the one that I perceive to be our local paper.

You might say, "what’s the big deal?"  But, frankly I do think it is a big deal because it reinforces the perception that Islington is not part of the Railway Lands development – a very hot topic when you consider the battle between local residnets and Network Rail over closing off the station to Islington.

I hope the local press is reading this, and sees the error of its ways on this story, and more importanly considers who exactly does live in King’s Cross!

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