62-68 York Way – last opportunity to get your comments on the record

6a00d8345162e169e200e553a8e19088348Since the deadline for the public consultation on this latest application was extended to 24 July after the developer’s latest amendment to the plan (lopping off 1.3 metres from the height), time is running out for you to get your comments on the record before it goes to the Planning Committee.

As most readers know, I have continually campaigned to get this latest plan refused for two main reasons (and a host of secondary reasons).  First, because it represents major overdevelopment of the site, and second, because to approve it will give the developer five more years to do nothing.

For those of you who agree, and want to see a building on this site, please join with me in objecting this latest plan.  Remember, the developer already has an approved plan that he claims to have started.  I say build that one now.

If you wish to object, please contact me and I can provide you with all the materials to understand what’s been going. stephan@kingscrossenvironment.com.

Note, if you have already objected to this plan (P080767) all you have to do is send an email to planning (planning@islington.gov.uk) and indicate that you still object in spite of the recent amendments to the plan – this should only thank 5 minutes!  Lastely to make it even easier, make your objection by clicking this link – Object Now and it will take you directly to the online form for this application – that should take no more than a minute.  I can’t make it any easier to get your voice heard!

This is the next to last eyesore in our immediate neighbourhood, Let’s finally get this plan underway.  If you don’t object, we will have five more years of nothing happening.

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1 Response to 62-68 York Way – last opportunity to get your comments on the record

  1. Andrew says:

    Interestingly I noticed people with clipboards observing and noting pedestrians movements on the corner of York Way and Wharfdale Road on Tuesday this week.

    I asked what they were observing and they were a bit cagey but explained they were watching pedestrian flows on the corner of the block of land that will be a building site.

    Does this mean some form of building is actually going to be built soon? Perhaps it is in response to a planning concern by Islington on a larger building and the impact to foot traffic.

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