Latest Planning News for 62-68 York Way, July 08 Amendments – Look Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

6268_york_way_july_08_proposal If the developer of the proposed building at 62-68 York Way had spent money on construction rather then new planning applications, by now we might almost have a completed building.  But alas, we only have yet another revision to the most recent Planning Application P080767.  This latest entry has "shrunk" by 1.3 meters in height from the previous plan submitted in April, yet is still taller then the structure in plan that has been approved since 2002, and "started" in Nov 2007.

For the record, this seems to be another in a long line of attempts to increase the size of the building and carve out five more years to do nothing but wait for the property market to improve.  Just to remind all, there have been approved plans for this site since ’95, but alas, no building has taken shape!

I will again be writing to Council to object, in spite of this recent amendment to the plan.  Not becasue I don’t want the building, but rather because I do – the building that’s already approved!  As Councillor Rupert Perry pointed out at the last refusal in Nov 07 – "why don’t you get on and build the building we gave you permission for in 2002?"  This was seconded by Councillor Convernd agreed by the rest of the Planning Committe.  No only did the developer take no heed, he has appealed that decision as well as submitting this latest new plan!  Woe is me, i’ve now had to put a table of contents on my website, to keep track of all thes new applications and twists and turns!

Progress_8july08_2For those of you who continue to follow the saga, and agree with our Councillors, please drop me a line at and I will suggest what you might like to do.  I do look forward to hearing from many of you.

Lastly for your enjoyment, here’s the picture of the progress of the new building in the approved plan. Is that grass growing, or my imagination?

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2 Responses to Latest Planning News for 62-68 York Way, July 08 Amendments – Look Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

  1. Oscar says:

    The planners are missing a trick here. they should withdraw the approval (which I’m sure they can’t legally do), and make the developer start from scratch. the expected standard of development must have risen in the last five years, let alone since 1995. The last thing Kings Cross and especially York way needs in a drab, flat, corporate shell. Either the architect needs to pull it’s finger out or be sacked! There was a time (and it may be on it’s way again) that councils were desperate for investment in their area, and allowed, substandard applications to go ahead. Even in these tricky times planners should stand up and get involved with the aspects of our city which really count. Design! The process, exploration, and understanding of design.

    It is clear that no matter how tall the stupid glass hat is the overall concept behind the building and site appears to be outdated and lacklustre, which is hardly surprising if the same architects have been working on it since 1995!

  2. Peter K says:

    Let’s have a look at the previous approval so we can compare the two. This one looks fine to me. Its a good scale, and I can’t see why more height wouldn’t be appropriate. The setbacks are the only thing you’ll ever get if you demand a height reduction – it’s a good compromise, and reflects the setbacks on the neighbouring building. I also like the horizontal lines. I’m sure the details will be top-notch if it’s gone through a design review. I sincerely doubt that a 1995 design will be better than this. The expectations for quality back then were absolutely rock bottom.

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