The Hub, 34B York Way is granted its liquor license

Hub_graphic_2When faced with a new “club” to be known as The Hub opening on York Way and seeking a 24-hour license to sell liquor, number of local residents (including myself), were concerned about what this would do to the local area.  So prior to the licensing hearing, I took up an invitation to meet with Mike Thompson and Jonathan Robinson two of the club’s Directors.  The meeting took place at their temporary premises at 5 Torrens Place in Islington, and what I found was quite a different place to what had been expected.

Apparently The Hub is a private members club for business folks to actually meet, conduct business and have meetings.  The central area was filled with young entrepreneurs working at their computers, and there were smaller areas dotted around to allow smaller and more private business meetings – not the kind of “club” I was expecting.

I spoke at length to the two Directors, who explained that the reason for the license was really so that they could provide some refreshments to their members and guests working and attending meetings at the premises….more like the occasional beer or glass of wine!  They also explained that in the future they wanted to hold events and serve refreshments – but again, not events oriented around drinking but rather things like “product launches” and “talks” by business folks and the occasional film.  For more specific information, you can take a look at the Hub’s Brochure Download the_hub_kings_cross.pdf

As our discussion continued, it became clear that they now understood the reasons for the community’s concern and realized that by asking for a 24-hour license they had done themselves more harm then good.  In the end, they decided to modify their application to more acceptable hours and accordingly have now been granted their License to serve alcohol during the following hours.

Monday to Thursday and Sundays:

0930 – 2330

Fridays and Saturdays :

0930 – 0030

(Note they can still serve refreshments after these hours, but no alcohol).  They accept that should they need to ask for a later license, they will do so on an individual basis and hopefully after gaining the “trust” of the local community for acting responsibility for the hours initially granted.

It looks like this has become a win-win situation for all concerned.  The Community can now look forward to a new exciting business that will definitely add value to the reputation of King’s Cross.

Mike and Jonathan have also promise there will be an open-house for local residents to see the premises and get a better understanding of The Hub’s concept which they hope to bring to other cities.

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2 Responses to The Hub, 34B York Way is granted its liquor license

  1. Oscar says:


    I just wanted to commend you for going to see the people behind the development. It sounds like the Hub will be a great asset to Kings Cross, your investigative work has paid off!

  2. Danny says:

    The hub looks great. A bit pricy but that’s probably to keep the riff-raff like me out…

    Wouldn’t mind joining one day to get me and my laptop out of Costa now and again.

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