Another Late Nite License Application – The Fellow, 24 York Way

24_york_way_3 An Application for a new Premises Licence (Reference PREM/3884) has now been received by the Council for an establishment to be known as The Fellow to be located at 24 York Way, London, N1 9AA the former home of The Masque Bar.  While I believe The Masque was simply a ground floor operation, this Application extends to the 1st floor and the roof-terrace.

The Application is seeking permission for the following: (note, I have only focused on the most contentious elements of the Application):


Mon thru Sun

Consumption of alcohol on the premises

1100 to 0230

Film, dancing, and live music

0900 to 0200

The complete Application can be seen at:

(At the bottom of page you’ll find a search box – use the drop down menu to select “York Way,” click Submit and look for Reference PREM/3884 – it should be at the top of the list)

Should you wish to comment on this application the last date for representations is 30 July 2008.  Your comments can be made online (go to the Application as indicate above and look for the link to “Representations.”  Alternately you can email Simon Gallacher, the Licensing Officer directly at:  Please be sure to include the Application Reference: Prem/3884, and your address, so the Committee can see where you live.

Personally, I will be objecting to this license as it is currently configured.  I am not against granting any late-night licenses per se; however feel that operators must earn the respect of the Community before such licenses are granted.

I will argue that any new license should be initially granted to 2330 hours Monday through Thursday and Sunday, and 0030 on Friday and Saturday nights.  (Should the establishment wish to hold special events, they can apply for those as needed.)  Then, after a minimum of one year should they wish to apply for a later license as in the case of this establishment, until 0200, they can do so.  I feel this granting of licenses “carte blanche” is an insult to local residents.  The onus should be on the operator to demonstrate their level of responsibility rather then forcing residents to raise the issues after these licenses are granted.

Such a regime will also benefit the operator, as late-licences will have to be earned, they will be a much more valuable and prized possession.

If we are going to improve the quality of life in King’s Cross it’s important for folks to stand up and be counted.  This is a reasonable approach that can work for all concerned.  Please tell the Licensing Committee what you want – after all they do work for you!  Don’t they?

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