This site’s second birthday – five hundred articles up!

Happy_birthday This website is two years old on Friday 4 July – it’s amazing that something set up as list of broken things on the street now has over 500 articles (more than one every working day) and 300 comments with our community films having over 16,000 views.  Readers have grown to about 200 a day and we now have six authors (stattos see footnote).

This is all the more amazing given that the site is focussed on a tiny area of North London about a mile long by half a mile wide.  We have three spin offs: an embryonic internet TV station, a Facebook Group and a campaign site.  And we do it with no funding in our spare time. It’s ultra-local news, campaigns and events by with and from the community.

This is a huge community effort – none of this would have been possible without the support of a large network of local people.  I can’t thank everyone but I am particularly indebted to Stephan for his tireless support, challenge and promotion since 2006 and Sophie for her contribution since 2007.  Sian, LisaT, Sarah and recently Daniel also contribute great stuff in their own names.  Paul Convery has proved the model of a responsive councillor commenting on all relevant issues and helping to get things followed through. Diana and Phil have been stalwart in not letting me get away with mistakes and generating original material. Lisa P is a valuable source of community info.   Stuart and Alastair keep an eagle eye on Rufford Street, Roger fought a noble campaign on the Post Office and Mike on noisy pubs.  This is a late night roll call so apols if i missed you off.

On our first birthday I set out some highlights that have built community spirit by working together.  We have had huge success in getting the streets cleaned up by attracting decent resources to the area to sweep the streets.  Fought dozens of local planning and licensing battles especially on sex shops, won a campaign against Cemex the world’s biggest concrete company, made Network Rail pay attention to the community.  But we still haven’t won on the squirrel menace.

What do you think we should do more of in the future?

Statto footnote
Kxenvperfsa Sitemeter has been running on the site for just under a year, recording 36,730 unique visits, average 135 per day.  120 people have subscribed to receive an automatic email from Feedburner with the day’s posts. Typepad records about 220 page views a day with a seasonal pattern – click to enlarge the chart which shows page views seasonally adjusted by a three month rolling average.  Film stats- YouTube viewing aggregate 16,432 views from 27 films or 13,545 for 26 films adjusted for squirrels/squirrely adjusted.

About William Perrin

Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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2 Responses to This site’s second birthday – five hundred articles up!

  1. Matt Brown says:

    Congratulations, William et al. from one of your newest readers. Some really good stuff on here.

  2. Diana Shelley says:

    My first thought was, is it really only two years? That’s such a short time in which this site has become a real must-read, serving a vital role for local news and campaigns and laughs. All that in just two years. Well done, Will, Stephan, Sophie and everyone (tho I’m not sure Phil and I have done nearly enough to merit a name-check).
    And this week it means even more. Like everyone else I was feeling sad at the appalling waste of another young man’s life, angry that it happened in our neighbourhood, and now I’m grateful to Paul for his posting that explains just what a loss to us Ben Kinsella’s death has caused—and how much work we must still do to make our neighbourhood a good place for everyone to live.

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