Urban hiking – Kings Cross Ramblers? Wainright ascends Pentonville Road?

Wainwright So we may not have fells and tarns but within 20 minutes of Kings Cross on foot are some wonderful urban sights.  With some local folk i have been interested in plotting out urban walks in the spirit of psychogeography and sight seeing.  Then i came across this wonderful New York Times piece on urban hiking in the USA.

‘Last year, my boyfriend and I accidentally hit on a great way to network. We wanted to get more exercise, and we wanted to know San Francisco better (we currently live in the Bay Area). So we started planning urban hikes — a half day of walking, with oddball points of interest and promising food stops. To make the hikes more interesting, we invited a few friends.

Not only have the outings turned out to be a fun way to burn calories and learn city secrets, but they’ve also helped us keep in touch with people from different parts of our lives and introduce them to each other. Often, our hikes feel more like peripatetic cocktail parties than excuses to exercise.’

I scanned in some really good Kings Cross walking maps produced a few years ago turned up by Lisa Tang.  You can find them here.  Whilst i adore maps, this paper based product produced at some expense have only survived because Lisa either files really well or doesn’t throw stuff away.  In time i would like to produce a durable internet version that will survive for many years and that people can add to.  Patriic Gayle used to do local walks for the elderly from the excellent Killick Street Health Centre but i don’t know what has happened to them since the community project there closed down.

There’s great scope for Kings Cross thematic walks – architecture, nature, transport etc.  It would involve turn these into a more modern and enduring versions – perhaps marked up in google maps with an accomanying podcast you can download.  It’s pretty easy to do – i just haven’t had the time – any volunteers ?

About William Perrin

Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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1 Response to Urban hiking – Kings Cross Ramblers? Wainright ascends Pentonville Road?

  1. Tobias Newland says:

    Ha! still have copies of all of Lisa Tang’s walks. I think that they were distributed with material distributed by the Kings Cross Partnership a few years ago. I have incorporated sections of all four walks into one big Kings Cross circular walk which I have every year since about 2003 with groups of between three and fifteen people, sometimes two or three times a year. It defines the area of Kings Cross both south and north of the Euston Road and is effectively a “beating the bounds walk”. Takes between two and three hours to complete at a leisurely stroll.

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