Open Up King’s Cross latest news!

Banner_5 The campaign to change Network Rail’s mind about closing all the entrances to King’s Cross station, replacing them with one new entrance on the western side of the station is gathering speed. Network Rail feel the community on the north eastern side of the station should be happy using Goodsway (which will be a building site for years to come) around the back of the station and up Pancras Road to the new entrance, or York Way (pictured, I think you’ll see the problem with that!) to walk around the front of the station on Euston Road, down Pancras Road to the new entrance. Although we are saddened that King’s Cross is to become a closed station, so walking down platform one will no longer be an option for us, we’ve accepted that and asked for a compromise solution: a new footbridge from the current Wharfdale Road/York Way entrance to – or close to – the new western entrance. But Network Rail won’t look at this option, and LB Camden Planning Officers appear happy to let them get away with it.

Last week the King’s Cross Railway Lands Group took the lead on the the campaign and are looking to organise a public meeting in mid-July. This will be an important meeting for all of us, giving the community its first opportunity to learn about Network Rail’s plans from the community’s perspective.

The Islington Tribune has carried news about the campaign for two week’s running.

This week, every member of Network Rail’s ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Committee’ will recieve a letter asking them to use their roles on the Committee to get Network Rail to work with the community on this.

And today, a sister blog to has gone live. Please visit! You’ll find the latest campaign news, resources to help you take action, and the opportunity to discuss and debate the issue. We look forward to seeing you there…

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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1 Response to Open Up King’s Cross latest news!

  1. Aron Cronin says:

    Can The Guardian (looking to when it moves to its new premises) not be got interested in taking up this issue? Its own staff and visitors will be very affected, ditto the users – performers and audiences – at the concert hall.

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