Open Up King’s Cross Station: Letters to Network Rail


It turns out that the Arup feasibility report referred to in the letter sent out by Network Rail (Download network_rail_letter.pdf) did not assess the feasibility of the Wharfdale Road/Battlebridge Road footbridge that we as a community have been calling for. At the LB Camden Development Control Committee meeting that gave final planning permission to the redevelopment of King’s Cross Station, it was agreed that via a Section 106 agreement Network Rail would carry out a feasibility study into the bridge the community wanted.
Network Rail did not assess the bridge we want because they were directed to omit that bridge as an option by LB Camden Planning Officers.
So the Arup report does not fulfil the commitment made by Network Rail and agreed by LB Camden’s elected respresentatives sitting on the Development Control Committee.
It might be helpful if each of us write, as individuals or where appropriate as representatives of our organisations, to Andrew Mitchell, Major Programme Director at Network Rail informing him that the Arup report fails to meet the commitment made with the Development Control Committee and asking him when we can expect Network Rail to actually meet that commitment. I understand his email address is: Letters should ideally be copied to members of LB Camden’s Development Control Committee – these can be copied from below and pasted into the cc section your emails. If any of these Councillors represent the ward you vote in, please include that information in your letter. Oh and, please copy me in too!

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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