Another new planning application for 62-68 York Way (corner of Wharfdale Road)

Site_logoIn spite of already having an approved planning application for this site that has been in effect since 2002, the developer claiming to control 62-68 York Way has now submitted yet another fresh planning application – P080767.

You may remember that during 2007 this same developer submitted a plan for a building larger then his 2002 plan and that the application was refused by the Council.  That decision is now being appealed by the developer and the outcome should be known shortly.  The basis of the Council’s refusal was that the approved 2002 plan was already sufficiently large and the developer should stop trying to increase the size of his building and get on and actually build that which has already been approved.

In typical fashion, this latest submission P080767 is again larger then the 2002 approved plan but slightly different then the 2007 plan that was refused (however it is exactly the same height).  To go directly to the application at the Council’s website Click Here.  Once at the application, click the tab that says Documents and Plans, then click View Documents.  There is lots of stuff on the site, so don’t get hung up – check out the "elevation" plans.

As there is nothing new in this latest 2008 plan to justify its increase size over the 2002 plan, what reason could there be for approval.  I hope many of you will agree.  As there is an approved plan in place which the developer has claimed to have begun, any approval of a new plan will simply allow him five more years to do nothing.  I don’t believe that is in the best interests of our local area.

It should also be noted that this same developer has submitted application after application, since 1995, each seeking larger and larger buildings for this site.  Please join with me in saying to this application “no more – get on and build the project for which you already have permission – or lose it.”

If you want to participate, please get in touch with me and I will provide you will everything you need to facilitate your objections – Stephan.

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