Wharfdale Road green wall project on the BBC

Wall_1_2 BBC Breathing Places is a major BBC Learning campaign to inspire and motivate people to create and care for local nature-friendly green spaces. And the Wharfdale Road Green Wall Project is now listed on the Breathing Places website!

Local residents have set up a small trust, KIng’s Cross Community Projects (KCCP). They aim to create a lush green wall on the north end of the King’s Cross Gyratory system. At the moment they are awaiting approval for charitable status from the Charity Commission (fingers crossed!). Once they get approval, they’ll start fundraising to cover the costs of the project, this will include working closely with existing local groups such as the Copenhagen Youth Project.

Culpeper Community Garden have asked KCCP to contribute an article to their next newsletter. If you haven’t popped into Culpeper then you’ve missed a real treat. Culpeper Community Garden is a beautiful public open space in the heart of Islington, London, which serves both as a city park and as an environmental community project. Managed by and for local people, it is a unique project where people from all walks of life come together to appreciate and enhance their environment. Surrounded by roads and a busy shopping area, Culpeper is often described as ‘an oasis’. Children and adults alike love to explore the pathways, ponds and wealth of plants. It’s a perfect place for a picnic or simply for relaxing. Do call in, the garden is opposite Sainsbury’s car park just behind the childrens play area on the corner of Tolpuddle Street and Cloudsley Road. And if you can’t pop in, do join as a supporter!

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. http://www.cookiewp.com She also manages King's Cross Community Projects http://www.kccp.org.uk
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