Islington – London’s dog poo capital?

P1010132 The Islington Tribune is the only local newspaper that has woken up to the absurdity of the Council’s dog proposals that set public hygiene back about a decade.  The Council’s proposals would remove many existing dog free zones in parks and gardens and chickens out of effective measures against inconsiderate dog owners.  See article and angry letters here

One letter sums it up nicely:

‘We live in a time when dangerous dogs are a national concern that frequently makes the headlines, and when there are also national concerns about childhood obesity and lack of exercise. So how can the council possibly be proposing to allow dogs into the few spaces that our borough has where children can safely run about? ‘

‘The vast majority of green space in the borough is already open for dog exercising. Child-friendly gardens provide a really valuable amenity for families, but the proposal will effectively turn these gardens from “dog-free” to “child-free” – in the borough with the least green space in the capital – with no adequate or open consultation’

The Council is putting dog owners before children’s safety and public health.  The Council has even ignored the advice of their own officers (in the case of Bingfield Park where they advised a ‘dogs on leads’ order after many years of bad dog owner behaviour).   

I am at home recuperating from illness and went for a gentle stroll in the warm Spring sunshine in Bingfield Park and the amount of dog poo was ridiculous.  There is still time to fill in the Council’s quick, simple online survey here to call for stronger measures against inconsiderate dog owners and more dog free or dogs on lead zones.


About William Perrin

Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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2 Responses to Islington – London’s dog poo capital?

  1. ryan says:

    all over the country these new powers have been provided for councils to do something about the dog shit on our streets and in our parks. but councils are chickening out of offending the dog lobby, clearly we need a kids in parks lobby to fight them!!

    when I first came to Caledonian Road in the 70’s, Bingfield Park was a lovely place to go and play frisbee or have a picnic as was Barnard Park. but ten Chris Calnan decreed anyone on an estate could have a dog whether they had a garden for it to shit in or not. suddenly parks became unusable throughout the borough!!!
    now it ahs become impossible to walk along a pavement in case you tread in dog shit and pedestrians have to walk in the road as well

  2. Paul Convery says:

    Last week, we heard from Cllr Ruth Polling (the Lib Dem Executive Councillor responsible for the “dogs strategy” and consultation) who said there have been ‘over a thousand responses’ to the dog consultation and that ‘on the whole people have indicated that they are happy with the proposals’. Staggered by this news, my colleague Cllr Martin Klute (Labour, St Peters Ward) wrote an exceptionally eloquent statement:


    “There is a fundamental problem with your dog ‘consultation’:

    “Nowhere does it state that it proposes to allow dogs into some open spaces where previously they were not allowed, and nowhere does it state that the status quo for dog control is being changed to a presumption of dogs off-lead (unless asked by a warden to put the dog on a lead). The only way you can deduce what is being proposed, is by having prior knowledge of the current status quo, and then working out for yourself that the ‘consultation’ describes something different. The feedback on your consultation is thus somewhat meaningless, since most people do not realise what they are being asked to agree to.

    “The consultation also appears to suggest a new status quo which allows dogs and children to share the same open spaces:- Be in no doubt, if there is any possibility of a child accidentally finding even a trace of excrement, or being attacked or even frightened by a dog off the lead, parents will not take the risk. If you allow dogs into previously dog-free open spaces, children will be driven out.

    “Ruth, it is time to admit that you have cocked up. Withdraw the consultation, and then if you really want to pursue your ideas, re-issue it, stating something along the lines of: ‘This consultation proposes the introduction of a series of new dog control orders, and also that dogs be generally allowed off the lead, and into the following open spaces (name all spaces) where they were previously not allowed’.

    “Then you will find out what people think.”

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