Kitchin – new restaurant in Kings Cross

Kitchin Kitchin on Caledonia Street turns around the reputation of the ‘all you can eat’ diner delivering excellent value at lunchtime – high quality for a low price.  A recommendation from Lisa Tang led to lunch there on Sunday.  It is a big (indeed huge) 100 seat restaurant opposite Tesco and the Premier Inn.  There are several cooking stations arranged in the centre of the restaurant with buffet style service.  Some oriental Chinese dishes are wokked fresh. 

I had Indian, which was very good for the price – excellent tandoori wings, keema aloo etc.  Fran had a freshly wokked stir fry which was very good. We couldn’t quite make the dessert counter – which had a fantastic selection of suger rush inducing childhood favourites – including jelly, fizzy ufos, m&ms, rhubarb and custard sweets etc. The cocktail list was long and the wine list promising for the price.

It was pretty empty Sunday lunchtime, when the price was £6.95, evenings cost more – Thurs-Sat £14.95, Sun to Wed £12.95 a head, all you can eat.   At £6.95 it is excellent value, at £14.95 fair – you get better at Royal Thai or Drummond Street.  Lisa  says that the manager would do a discount for people who mention the website – but i couldn’t get hold of him on the day so give it a go.  Website with contact details etc here.  This is going to be very popular as Kings Cross stokes up so get in early.

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10 Responses to Kitchin – new restaurant in Kings Cross

  1. Stuart says:

    I have been there twice since it opened. And whereas I normally can’t stand buffet/eat as much as you like. This restaurant is a class apaart.

    Really good food, good value and friedly service in a great environment. Recommended.

  2. Colin Mcfarlane says:

    I have to say that the new Kitchin restaurant is certainly a class apart as another reviewer mentioned. The food is great and beats the offerings from the other overpriced restaurants in the area. The prices at lunch & evening for the selection of foods on offer is just tremendous value and on top its eat as much as you like, to say I was stuffed on my several visits was an understatement! On my last visit , they had pricey foods ( in other restaurants that is ) such as calamari, mussels, prawns in the various types of cuisines they offer. This is the best concept Ive seen in London let alone Kings Cross !!

  3. Ben Smith says:

    My wife and I had the misfortune to eat at Kitchin. We live close by and wanted to see what it was like after walking past each day during its construction. Inside, it’s a huge space, and on the Saturday evening we went there it was mostly empty. As we arrived the waiter spilled out a load of information, which was said so quickly that we couldn’t comprehend half of it. The deal at Kitchin is that you get to sample foods from 5 different areas of the world – India, Thailand, Italy, Mexico and China – all for c.£15 at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    On stepping up to the buffet we found that most dishes seemed to have spent some time there already. Chefs stand behind the buffet but with so few customers there’s little they can do apart from tell you what is what. We loaded our plates with a selection of food and sat down. The Indian food was mediocre to say the least, with tasteless samosas (lacking any real spice) and dull curries. The Italian food was no better, just thick bready pizza with a sweating cheese topping.

    We moved on to desserts and found that what passes for desserts at Kitchin is a pick’n’mix counter! Ok for a children’s party but not what you would expect from a real restaurant. We munched on some fizzy cola bottles as we discussed the complete lack of any Mexican food.

    When we confronted the waiter about the missing Mexican fare, he plainly told us that we had been given this information as we entered. We answered that this obviously hadn’t been given clearly enough because we weren’t aware of it, and that we should have money taken off the bill to reflect the false advertising of a restaurant with food from 5 different areas of the world. Finally, after two separate requests we were able to speak to the manager, who arrived at our table and asked “What’s your problem?”. He eventually conceded to take some money off the bill, but suggested he would do this by waving the service charge. He didn’t seem to understand that such a charge is discretionary, and anyway we didn’t want to see the waiting staff penalised for a management error, i.e false advertising.

    On our way out the manager (we suspect rather sarcastically), smirked “see you again next time!”. I don’t think so. There are plenty of good independent eateries in the King’s Cross/ Cally Road area, Kitchin isn’t one of them.

  4. Olly says:

    On the basis of the other couple of reviews here I went to Kitchin on Sunday lunchtime with 3 friends. I have to say we were disappointed. Whereas the menu says it offers “Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican”, the only things on offer were Chinese, Indian and some pizza (Italian?) that had been sitting there for some time. The indian starters were tasty, but suffered from being left under some ineffective heat-lamps for too long, and the dough balls were stale. The indian mains were much better, although still could have been hotter. The stir-fry was without a doubt the highlight – lots of fresh veg and meat cooked with a great deal of flair in front of me, very tasty. The chinese mains were also not bad. Desserts seemed like a bit of an afterthought.

    For the price we paid (£6.95) the meal was ok, but I am unlikely to return (especially not for the evening price of £14.95!). As my friends agreed, it’s not often that you want to eat more than one cuisine in a sitting, especially when you could get the same individual cuisine done far better somewhere else. It’s a shame, since the stir-fry spectacle was great, the staff were friendly, and it would’ve been great to have another good restaurant in Kings X!

    (Note: I suspect that a lot of my criticisms weren’t helped by the fact that the restaurant is always 75% empty… if the food disappeared faster, they’d have to make more of the hot, fresh stuff!)

  5. Burrows S says:

    I went in not knowing what to expect on a Tuesday night and all I can say it is great concept with a great selection of food on offer. The evening I went they had king prawns pad thai on the thai section – absolutly grwat value, not too mention chick tikka masala & other indian favourites. As mentioned by a previous reviewer the chinese section was a spectacle – on top the food was great with lots of fresh ingredients to choose from for stir fry wok dishes. My girlfriend and I were stuffed ( to say the least ). The deserts I have to agree on needs more selection but does not detract from the good quality food on offer. Not many places in London that offer so much variety for the 12.95. I have lived in kings cross for 10 years and after dining at the overpriced & frankly shabby establishments in the area Kitchin N1 is the way the area needs to go – kings cross deserves it !

  6. Derek Martin says:

    I decided to give Kitchin N1 a try after reading some of the reviews here, Ive worked in Kings Cross for the last 5 years and its good to see smart operators moving into the area. The area is changing fast and thats good to see. I went there on a Friday lunch time and the place was packed with people even queueing outside- not half empty like some of the reviewers have mentioned ?, i guess all resturants have their busy and not so busy times. I got there with 3 colleagues around 1pm and fortunatly got a place after waiting a short while. The place is huge and beautifully decorated, hard to believe you can get this sort of surroundings and food for the price of burger and chips ( my usual before this place opened ). The place was packed with groups of office people & familys, seems this concept has gone down well with them. The waiter sat us down and explained the concept – Thai, Chinese, Indian & Italian cuisine both buffet & some bespoke dishes – all you can can eat for 6.95!

    We had a walk around the packed central kitchen where all the food is served from & cooked. For the price there was so much on offer – beats the usual overpriced lunch food thats on offer around kings cross. There was no sign of any stale or old food as mentioned in another review here, everything was freshly cooked – you could see them cooking right in front of you. My colleagues and I started off with the Italian where we had freshly cooked pizza ( straight out of the oven ) and garlic bread and a few somosas and onion bhajis, these tasted very nice. I could have stopped there but since its all you can eat we all went for the indian currys next which had old favourites like butter chicken which all were nicely done. A collegue of mine had a stir fry dish made up but there was a queue at that section so I gave it a miss this time.

    We all agreed it was great value, the food was of a good standard, the service was ok considering how busy they were ( we had to wait a few minutes for our drinks ), one point I noticed was they never rushed us even though they were full and had people waiting for tables, good to see a busy restaurant not rush people to get out so they could turn tables. We will be back but I think it will be during the earlier part of the week when its a tad less busier as informed by our waitress. Good food, great looking restaurant & great value.

  7. Aktar says:

    A group of 6 of us stumbled onto this restaurant on the way to the station. Not really knowing what to expect we went where we were told about the idea behind the place – 4 cusines, cooked in a kitchin in front of you – all you can eat. It sounded simple enough so we gave it a try.

    First thing I must say is the place is huge and beautifully decorated. The food was cooked in the central kitchin and served from there. Between my friends and I we pretty much tasted everything they had including the nice selection cakes. The food was fresh and tasty, selection was good and overall great value. I work in the city and the same food would cost £40 per person elsewhere so its good to see a restaurant that looks as nice as this one with restrained prices.The service however was a bit slow – our drinks took a few mins to arrive but this could be forgiven on a busy friday night. Overall 8 out of 10 for this place.

  8. Unknown says:

    i think it is a nice restaurant but i must say that the price for christmas is ridiculous!

  9. Edward says:

    I went to Kitchin never having been to one before.

    I thought it was first rate ,the food hot,fresh and plentiful.

    The restaurant was quiet although as I left a whole bus load of children arrived and maybe my experience would have been different if I had to sit through 50 children dining beside me.

  10. ROMAIN says:

    i worked for kitchin 1 for fews day and i can say the hygiene is not good
    i saw the back office and i was afraid
    so i quit that job and know they do not want to pay me my salary and I
    they try to disgust me in ask me to come every day for nothing

    I think I’m not the only foreigner they abused

    besides the fact of my case I does not recommend any person has to go there

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