Re-opening of eastside pavement promised for Monday

York_way_pavementFor those following the saga of the closed pavement on York Way along King’s Place – some good news.  We’ve just learned from Councillor Convery that the pavement will be open on Monday!

Unfortuate for the resident’s of York Central, it means a "crush" of last minute work starting at 8AM on Sat and Sun.  But at least it will be over soon!

Note the following email to Paul from the Highways folks:

Dear Councillor Convery

Subsequent to my earlier email, my colleague Gordon has met with the developers and officers from Islington and I understand the footway will be reinstated, and open for use on Monday. I will have the site checked to establish this is definitely the case next week. If they have failed to do so, I will certainly speak with the Highways Team in Islington, Metropolitan Police and Buses to discuss what action we can reasonably take to improve the situation.

Whilst I understand your concerns in relation to the medium term improvements to the junction, this is not an area of work which falls within my scope. I have, however, copied the Traffic Engineering Team Manager into this email for his information and, in liaising with Islington, ask that they consider what would be an appropriate way forward.

I can understand your concerns and can reassure you that we will not "do nothing", but will continue to work with Islington to improve the current position.

yours faithfully

Brian Foxton
Principal Network Coordinator
Highway Management Team
LB Camden 

Thanks Paul for staying on their case!!!!

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1 Response to Re-opening of eastside pavement promised for Monday

  1. Ross says:

    Looks like this happened then….
    Again, almost getting killed crossing York Way. It’s getting almost as bad as Euston Road!
    Has Ken Livingston never heard of traffic lights?

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