62-68 York Way Planning Appeal – Local Support Needed

6268_york_way_site_outline_decision As you’ll remember, permission for the most recent planning application for 62-68 York Way was refused back in Nov. 07 as a result of the many letters submitted by local residents (over 50).  Now, the Applicant has filed an Appeal of that decision so if we want it to stand we must act again. What’s needed is another letter this time to The Planning Inspectorate in support of the Council’s position.

I will be supporting the Council’s decision and I hope that you will as well.  The proposed building was larger then appropriate and the Council made the proper decision to refuse permission.

For those who wish to write letters.  There are a number of points that can be made.  I have created a "sample" letter (drawn from my own) and you can use it as a "cut and paste" template, using whatever material you feel appropriate  (It is a bit wordy, but some of the phrases need to be used – I’ve bolded them.  If you want to use it download the file: Download refuse_appeal.doc The address of The Planning Inspectorate is on the letter and please be sure to post three copies of your letter BEFORE 11 March.

I hope you feel as I do – that this is worth the final effort.  I know that with your support we can prevail!

If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Stephan Schulte
York Central
York Way

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1 Response to 62-68 York Way Planning Appeal – Local Support Needed

  1. Thanks for that I used your draft letter to add my voice!

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