Kill the engine and spare us the fumes

BusOne of our neighbours, Mike Jackson from Wharfdale Road just wrote to Transport for London(tfl) about an annoying problem that we all have noticed from time to time.  See his note below.  He really makes a good point that I’m sure echoes the sentiments of others.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I live on the Kings Cross gyratory system so you can imagine it is a fairly polluted area to live. I regularly see buses parked up on the York Way bus  stand with their engines running, despite a notice plate to drivers asking them to switch off engines when the bus is standing idle. A new stand has recently been created on Goodsway and I witness the same thing there (although there is not an advisory plate there).

Would you please strengthen measures to ensure that drivers follow this rule.

With best wishes,
Mike Jackson
Wharfdale Road

If you feel the same as Mike, why not drop a similiar note to Tfl at  It just might make a difference.

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