Appeal Lodged to Overturn Council’s Refusal for Plans at 62-68 York Way

6268_york_way_site_outline Local residents who previously filed comments on the last Planning Application for the site at 62 to 68 York Way should now have received notification that the "Landlord" (the Applicant), is now seeking an Appeal of the Council’s 15 Nov ‘07 decision to Refuse Permission for Application Nos. P070754 and P070754 at the subject site – to build a large six storey structure on the site.

More than 35 local residents wrote letters objecting to this last plan and were pleased with the Council’s decision, so it will be a shame if the decision is now overturned.

Local resident will again need to consider this situation and hopefully write letters in support of the Council’s decision to ensure the original Refusal is not overturned.  As I understand it we only have until 11 March to file Comments.  But don’t take any action yet.

Once we learn the basis for the Applicant’s Appeal we will better understand how best to proceed.  Please watch this space for more information.

Over the years this site as been at the centre of a number of contentious issues including erecting an illegal telephone mast, cutting down trees, unsightly graffiti, and local intimidation, yet most folks will agree, local resident’s want development at this site – but only at the right scale.

This is what is being proposed with a second illustration of a scaled-down version proposed by some locals.  Click Pix to enlarge:Comparisonrefused_plan_and_reside_3


We can also point out that this scaled-down version is consistent with the height of the tallest building in the new P & O Plan that is being submitted for the redevelopment of Block D (Between Wharfdale Road and Railway Street).

We hope local residents will continue to support this campaign and watch this space for more information.

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