King’s Cross Central (Railway Lands) – update

Pix_2_from_june_04_brochure_web_cop Here is the latest information provided to your Bulletin Board by Phil Jeffries of the Cally Rail Group.  Phil is also the KX Development Forum’s representative to the Construction Impacts Group who will be monitoring construction activities throughout the lengthy process.  Phil and the Cally Group know alot about these issues as his group has been banging on about them for several years now and has been the main group to cover construction impacts in their various objections to Argent applications. According to Phil,

Builders have already been selected for the University (HBG Construction) and they will be first on site, including works on road junctions immediately north of the canal and opposite Copenhagen Street—i.e. the current planning application.

Carillion have been selected for Block R and the Sainsbury’s pre-let relates to both R1 and R2 (immediately north of the University site. Condition 52(a) of the planning consent means that they must let contracts for 125 residential units before the building can be occupied and that is likely to be J2—directly opposite York Way Estate and the Copenhagen Parade.

The Bulletin Board will try to cover the events of the Forum (as well as what other groups are doing), but ideally, if you represent any local group (tenants, residents or housing association, etc) you should get on the Forum’s mailing list so you can keep your folks aware of what’s going on.  Contact Angela Ryan of the KX Development Forum at:

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